EastEnders spoilers: Dean Wicks rocked to core after learning of baby’s ‘death’


EastEnders spoilers: Dean Wicks rocked to core after learning of baby’s death

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As EastEnders viewer will already be aware, Shabnam (Rakhee Thakrar) has been hiding a very big secret for years now.

But, as her storyline reaches dramatic new heights, it seems as if her dark secret is finally about to be exposed.

Her week begins as she embarks on a date with Asim, a man who her aunt Fatima has found for her to marry.

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When the date comes to an end due to Shabnam’s awkward behaviour, Fatima confronts her niece - and shockingly reveals that she knows about her baby.

Despite Fatima vowing to keep her niece’s secret, Shabnam is left rocked by her words.

When she later bumps into Dean (Matt Di Angelo), she winds up putting her foot in it, accidentally allowing him to figure out that they had a baby together.

Shabnam rushes off and does her best to avoid Dean, but he soon arrives at her house to confront her in a desperate bid for the truth.

Backed into a corner, Shabnam finally admits that she had Dean’s baby following their one-night stand.

But, in a desperate bid to keep him from tracking down her child, she lies to him, insisting that their baby died from complications - and leaving him shattered.

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After speaking with Stacey about what happened, Shabnam meets with Dean once again… but, after tripping up over her lies, Linda’s rapist suddenly realises that his baby is still alive.

Cue an angry Shirley (Linda Henry) rushing around to the Masood house to have it out with Shabnam - and exposing her closely-guarded secret in front of her entire family.

Via BBC One
Via BBC One

Will Shabnam finally admit the truth about her and Dean’s baby?

EastEnders continues tonight (Tues 12 May) at 7.30pm

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