EastEnders spoilers: Characters spotted hiding ‘incriminating evidence’ in Lucy Beale murder case

SPOILERS: These new EastEnders images have captured the moment two long-standing characters begin hiding 'incriminating evidence' in the Lucy Beale murder plot


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Last night, EastEnders fans saw Max reveal he saw Lucy and Jake together the night she was murdered to daughter Lauren.

Which, as it turns out, wasn't a great idea, as daughter-turned-private investigator Lauren will threaten to frogmarch Max down to the police station in tonight's episode of the BBC One soap.

Oops. It seems as if Max picked the wrong daughter to confide him - as little Abi, who many have suggested could be Lucy's ACTUAL MURDERER, seems more concerned with helping her dad stay out of trouble.

Via EastEnders / BBC1

Tonight we will see the youngest Branning daughter try to find out what her dad is hiding - and urge him to come clean.

Max, sensing that Abi can be trusted, finally opens up about the night Lucy hit her head in Deals on Wheels - and Abi soon finds herself helping Max clean incriminating evidence from the office...

Does this mean Max did kill Lucy? Does it just mean his daughters THINK he's killed Lucy - and don't want him to go down for it?

Or could little Abi KNOW who actually killed Lucy (being as she, ahem, did it herself) and just not want to see her dad go down for something he didn't do?

Via EastEnders / BBC1

We guess we'll just have to wait and see whether Lola, Abi's rival for boyfriend Jay's affections, gets mysteriously bumped off as well…

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This episode will transmit at 1930, Tuesday 10th June.

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