EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale arrested – but not before he strikes again!

EastEnders: Bobby Beale leaves stepmum Jane fighting for her life after vicious attack

Bobby Beale attacks Jane in EasTEnders

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As Danny Dyer so perfectly put it after THAT iconic live episode, Bobby Beale is a “shifty little mug”.

And, ever since we found out he’d bumped off Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater), we kind of assumed that he would strike again.

As it turns out, we were 100% correct.

In upcoming scenes, viewers will watch as Bobby (Elliot Carrington) and his mum Jane (Laurie Brett) come up against one another in a shock showdown.

However it seems as if Bobby is going to take things too far, leaving his beloved step mum very badly injured - and fighting for her life… in the very same spot he murdered his sister all those months ago.

Will he sit back and watch her die?

Bobby Beale attacks Jane in EasTEnders
©BBC One - EastEnders

Thankfully not.

Viewers will watch as the sinister schoolboy rushes over to the Queen Vic, where he interrupts his dad Ian's best man speech at Stacey and Martin Fowler's wedding reception.

He then, in front of EVERYONE at the pub, reveals exactly what he’s done to Jane.

A horrified Ian (Adam Woodyatt), accompanied by his brother, Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid), runs home to find his wife dying on the living room floor.

Bobby Beale attacks Jane in EasTEnders
©BBC One - EastEnders

And, while he calls an ambulance, fans of the BBC One soap will be left wondering whether or not Jane will pull through.

There is, however, one good thing to come out of this; Bobby Beale is FINALLY going to be hauled in by police for questioning.

Will they finally get to the bottom of the Lucy Beale murder case?

Bobby Beale attacks Jane in EasTEnders
©BBC One - EastEnders
Bobby Beale attacks Jane in EasTEnders
©BBC One - EastEnders

Well, we have a feeling that Bobby’s days as a free man (or boy) are well and truly numbered.

After all, Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) is set to return to the country very shortly - accompanied by psychotic Steven Beale (Aaron Sidwell).

The very same Steven who, you know, also almost killed Jane back in the day.


Speaking to the Daily Star about her comeback, Jacqueline promised her return scenes were not typical EastEnders with "screaming and shouting”.

She explained: "It is a dramatic return. It's not your average EastEnders thing where people are screaming and shouting but it will shock people."

We also know that Max Branning (Jake Wood) is also set to return to Walford in the not-so-distant future - and, as he’s currently in prison for Lucy’s murder, that means someone else will need to confess to the crime.

Bobby Beale attacks Jane in EasTEnders
©BBC One - EastEnders

It all spells bad news for Bobby - but will Ian and Jane ever turn their backs on their twisted son?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, May 23 at 8pm and Tuesday, May 24 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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