EastEnders spoilers: Will Fatboy come back from the dead? Stranger things have happened…

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Ricky Norwood

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We’ve come to learn many things as avid viewers of delicious EastEnders drama. 1) Anything can happen. Literally anything. 2) When Peggy Mitchell tells you to get outta her pub. You do. 3) When you ‘die’, there’s a strong possibility that you can come back alive and kicking – with not many questions being asked.

Take Dirty Den, Kathy Beale, Nick Cotton; they’ve all come back from the dead over the years – so why can’t it happen again?

Ricky Norwood, who played Arthur Chubb (nee Fatboy) up until a year ago, has teased a sensational comeback for his much-loved character. Fatboy was incorrectly targeted by Ronnie Mitchell’s hitmen when twisted Claudette tricked them into thinking that he was her son, Vincent.

Ricky Norwood

What are the chances of Fatboy surviving this car-crushing stunt? Pretty slim? No?

Fans are pretty supportive of the theory that Fatboy could still be alive – with some stating that viewers NEVER actually saw his body.

Speaking to Daily Express, Ricky supported this theory: “I don’t know, to my knowledge, I got told that he died in the boot. I wasn’t physically in the boot. I didn’t ever shoot any scenes in the boot, it was all the stunt team. I mean there’s always a possibility. The fans tell me that there’s a possibility.

“Like, I was supposed to be the father of Denise’s baby, and I was like “wow that’s a long contention”. Wow no. I’m not Ronnie’s stalker, I’m not Denise’s baby daddy. I don’t know. Like I say, you never know with Easties!”

Ricky Norwood

Could the rumours be true? And if new producer Sean O’Connor is keen on reprising Fatboy’s storyline – would Ricky be up for a sensational EastEnders return?

“I’m never ever going to deny a phone call. I’ve got love, so much love for EastEnders, the production team, all the cast. We did some great work while I was there and they’re doing some great work now!”

So, shall we start a petition or what?

Imagine how happy Dot would be if Fatboy knocked on her door…

What do you think? Does a return sound plausible or just a tad too farfetched?

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