EastEnders: Nancy and Tamwar have sex – but there’s a big shock in store for the happy couple


EastEnders: Nancy and Tamwar have sex - but there’s a big shock in store for the happy couple

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Tamwar (Himesh Patel) and Nancy (Maddy Hill) are finally about to take their relationship to the next level.

That’s right; fans of Nanwar have been sadly watching as the couple have been struggling to connect over the past few weeks.

But, on Friday 3rd July, they will watch as a brave Tamwar decides to talk to the woman of his dreams and confess the truth about his own insecurities.

It seems as if the talk does wonders, as the pair soon share a passionate kiss before disappearing into the bedroom together.

Cue a very happy couple and some super-sweet bedroom scenes… but, as is so often the case in Albert Square, trouble is lurking.

After agreeing to be completely honest with one another from now on, Nancy reveals that she’s been keeping a big secret from both Tamwar and her family.

What will Tamwar do when he finds out the truth?

Via BBC One
Via BBC One

We aren’t the only ones hoping that the couple manage to keep things on track; Maddy Hill is also a big fan of Nanwar!

Speaking to Digital Spy earlier this year, the talented actress said: “I think their relationship is not necessarily the expected, so that's great.

“People shouldn't look past each other just because they're a bit different.

“In this case, Nancy is a confident tomboy and Tamwar is a bit of a textbook nerd, but I think they're alike in the way they're both misfits. I think they'd be really interesting together and they'd really love each other.”

What do you think Nancy’s big secret is?

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