EastEnders mystery: Where on earth is Denny?

We know Bobby bumped off Lucy Beale, but has he done away with little Denny as well? It's time to #FindDenny...


by Kayleigh Dray |
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As many EastEnders fans will be aware, there is a big fat mystery on Albert Square… and no, we're not talking about who killed Lucy Beale. Because it was Bobby, we've gone over this, and we've moved on.

No, we're done with Lucy. Now it's time to talk about… Denny.

Yes, Sharon's son was sent upstairs to his room several months ago - and he hasn't come back down since.

Annoyingly his mother is very busy trying to #FreeDot, so she hasn't had time to, y'know, call her son down to breakfast / take him to school / ask him about his day / brush his long blonde locks / release him from his cage in the attic.

And it's not just us who've been wondering where Denny has got to, either…

Hmm - as we see it, there are five very strong possibilities as to where Denny might be.

1) He's got his hair caught in some large, heavy piece of furniture and can't get free.

Thankfully he's been able to survive by eating ants and dustballs, so he may reappear at some point.

2) Like many Albert Square children of a certain age, Denny has been sent away to a special facility, where they remove his face and replace it with a completely different one.

Think Ben Mitchell, Lauren Branning, Bobby Beale, and more.

**3) Denny is dead, man. He's dead, and cold, and he's got a big old music box dent in his poor little blonde head. **


We're on to you, Bob...

4) Ronnie Mitchell took him.

She does that with kids sometimes. Naturally this theory is less likely being as she's unconscious at the moment, but we wouldn't put anything past her…

5) Denny was a figment of Sharon's feverish imagination - and a way for her to remember her late husband Dennis.

Now that she's finally come to terms with his murder, and forgiven Phil for his role in it, she no longer needs little Denny around - and he's simply… well, he's simply faded away.

All Sharon needed to do was come to terms with the death of her late husband - but she needed a little guardian angel to help her along.

Maybe Denny was actually the SPIRIT of Dennis Rickman, come to help his wife to grieve and move on, find love, and build a new life for herself again.

We actually kind of hope it's true - it'd be the deepest thing EVER to happen in Walford.

Anyway, one irked viewer actually filed a complaint (yes, an actual complaint) with the BBCOne show, demanding to know where the flaxen-haired tyke had got to.

Here's their official response:

So… that's that, really. It's kind of a letdown - but we think they're just trying to throw us off the track.

After all, we NEVER saw that Lucy Beale reveal coming; these guys are the kings and queens of keeping us guessing.

So, until Denny finally reappears on our screens, we ask you this: Where do YOU think he's got to? And would you like to see him back?

Let us know what you think via the comments box below now.

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