EastEnders: Max is back and he wants REVENGE

Well, Ian Beale did basically put an innocent man behind bars for a whole year

eastenders max and bobby

by Hannah Mellin |
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Max Branning's return to Walford is getting nearer by the day and we're on tenterhooks, especially after he delivered a pretty threatening note to Ian, stating that he 'WILL get revenge'.

In the latest episode, Bobby Beale was finally banged up for three years after being convicted of killing his half sister Lucy and commenting grievous bodily harm on adoptive mum Jane. And even though Jane wants Bobby back home more than anything else in the world, Ian wasn't so sure and decided visit Bobby to urge him NOT to appeal against his convictions.

eastenders max and bobby

However, it seemed the Beales had forgotton all about the matter of sending an innocent man down for their son's crime. Well, until Max Branning popped an ominous note through their letterbox – ending in a pretty drama-filled doof doof.

eastenders max and bobby

Max, played by Jake Wood, is back and he's got some scores to settle with an array of people – including his daughters Abi and Lauren who he's cut all contact with.

Speaking recently about what he'd like to see Max do once he makes a full-time return, Jake said: "Hopefully Max will create some havoc. I'd like to see him go after Ian for setting him up. Hopefully he'll come out of jail looking for revenge."

Quite what Max has up his sleeve remains to be seen but people are EXCITED for his return.

Many took to Twitter to voice their opinions:

We need Max back on our screens PRONTO.

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