EastEnders Live Spoilers: Lucy Beale’s killer is FINALLY revealed

Lucy Beale's murderer has finally been confronted... but will there be a killer twist?


by Kayleigh Dray |
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It has been a LONG time coming but, tonight, EastEnders fans finally learned who murdered Lucy Beale on that fateful Good Friday 2014.

And we did so via none other than... Ian Beale.

That's right; while her dad may have been number one suspect for a lot of people, Adam Woodyatt's character proved once and for all that he did not bump off his beloved Lucy.

Instead, after learning that she had died in his home, he headed out to confront ex-partner Denise. But, along the way, he wound up getting an important life lesson from Dot.

"They say you should be wary of strangers," she crooned through a mouthful of cigarette smoke. "But it's the ones you love that hurt you the most."

All of a sudden, Ian KNEW who'd killed Lucy - and he told Danny Dyer's Mick Carter just as much too.

"What are you waiting for then?" said Mick incredulously. "Go and find 'em!"

And that's what Ian did; he dismissed Peter, meaning Ben Hardy's character has killer abs but NOT a killer instinct. And he walked right into the Queen Vic to eyeball Ben Mitchell - but, once again, he walked away.

All of a sudden he picked up his phone and dialled home: "Get everyone out the house," he said urgently. "I know you killed Lucy."

So who did he wind up confronting in the very same place his daughter died?

None other than his blushing bride, Jane Beale.


But, with another killer twist promised in the flashback episode tonight, it remains to be seen whether Laurie Brett's character killed Lucy herself, or was just covering for someone else.


It was BOBBY BEALE - with the music box, in the Beale living room. Bobby Beale did it.

"Whatever she says," he said, confronted by his horrified stepmother, "she started it."

We wonder how Ian Beale will react when he finds out?

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