EastEnders Live: Soapstar terrified over tonight’s live birth scenes


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As if we didn't have enough drama to contend with in tonight's hugely-anticipated episode of EastEnders, it seems as if there's ANOTHER major storyline set to unfold in Walford.

And it all revolves around Tameka Empson's character.

The actress's character Kim Fox will go into premature labour this evening, with some of the scenes being broadcast live.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning today (February 19) about the challenge ahead, Empson joked: "One big one will be born tonight! You're going to see the ugly face!

"I really want the nation to be with me, panting with me!"

Via BBC One

She continued: "It's one of the things that you get so nervous about. We've been rehearsing over and over and over again, but we've been rehearsing with a doll.

"So tonight it will be very different. I just hope for the best really."

But, thankfully, Kim won't be facing her birth trauma alone - she's got sister Denise there to hold her hand.

Diane Parish, who plays Ian's ex, confirmed: "I am there holding her hand. I get it twisted and pinched and all sorts!"

Via BBC One

All that will be going on as Lucy Beale's killer is exposed - and, speaking of her character being a suspect, Diane added: "It's still quite nerve-wracking because people still don't know stuff.

"We don't know stuff. There's still stuff being revealed, so I might have a little conversation about 25 past 7 tonight. Bit scary - but hopefully it's not me."

EastEnders airs tonight at 7.30pm and 9.25pm on BBC One - will YOU be watching?

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