EastEnders’ Jake Wood: ‘I hope Max isn’t the killer – I’d be out of a job!’

Jake Wood was undoubtedly the star of last night’s EastEnders, sending Twitter into meltdown when his character Max Branning seemingly revealed Lucy Beale’s killer.


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Just before the “duff duff”, Max claimed his daughter Abi was responsible for Lucy’s untimely demise.

But 42-year-old Jake has no idea if Abi is in fact the killer, he’s just hoping it wasn’t Max.

Speaking to TV Biz, he said: “I honestly haven’t got a clue. I thought it was Abi Branning, then Max, then I was convinced it was Ian Beale.

Was it Max? Was it Abi?

“It would be interesting if it was Max. But if it is, potentially I’d be out of job.”

Jake said that he doesn’t think Max is capable of murder, but added: “you don’t know what could have driven him to it.”

There was some confusion last night as to whether Jake said ‘you’ or ‘who’ during his and Lorna Fiztgerald’s live scene.

But, clearing it up, he tweeted shortly after the show: “For the benefit of the internet and mankind in general please RT YOU. Thank YOU (see what I did there).”

He added today: “Can’t believe Twitter feed is still going nuts this morning #EELive. It’s gonna kick off tonight peeps. Never trusted that Abi!!”

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