EastEnders: Where the hell is Ben Mitchell?

eastenders ben and paul

by Hannah Mellin |
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Last night on EastEnders, viewers found out that it was Paul Coker - not Ben Mitchell - who had died from injuries sustained during a night out.

eastenders ben and paul

The cause of his death is not known just yet, as are the whereabouts of his boyfriend Ben....


Harry Reid, who plays Ben Mitchell, shared this mysterious Instagram last night, which confused us to the absolute max. Has he met his maker as well? Or has he simply fled the scene?

Hmmmm, here are a few theories:

**Did BEN kill his boyfriend? **

Accidently? We all know what he's capable of, despite the fact that Ben and Paul have looked like the picture of happiness in their final scenes.

Did something happen between the pair that we don't know about yet? Could be plausable...

**Is Ben injured somewhere? **

We all know Ben Mitchell can handle himself, more so than Paul, so it could be possible that he survived the 'attack' and is injured somewhere – unable to get help.

Will he be able to make his way back to the square?

**Has Max Branning kidnapped Ben? **

Some very clever fans of the soap think that Max, who is due to return to the soap any minute, could have kidnapped Ben as part of a revenge plot to get back at Ian Beale sending him down for the murder of Lucy Beale.

eastenders ben and paul

We had a glimpse of Max returning to the square not so long ago and he looked a tad angry and ready for payback. We definitely wouldn't put it past him to plan something more sinister.

This could explain the reason why Paul lost his life, protecting Ben?

EastEnders spoilers: Pam’s heartbreak as she discovers that Paul is dead

Was Paul's mum Jenny involved?

Could Jenny be looking to seek revenge on Pam for keeping Paul away from her all these years?

Is Pam as innocent as we all think?

eastenders ben and paul

Paul's final week in Walford revealed a lot of hidden secrets about his childhood that have been left unanswered...

Is Gavin Sullivan involved in Paul's past?

Some fans believe Ben's evil stepdad Gavin Sullivan might be behind Paul's dad and his disappearance, despite the fact that he was arrested a few weeks ago. Does this storyline go way back?

Was Gavin trying to get back at Kathy? This is a huge leap in the dark, but darker things have happened on the soap.

eastenders ben and paul

Plus, Gavin always hires others to carry out his dirty work.

Was Ben EVEN there?

There is a theory that Ben is clueless to what has happened to his boyfriend Paul. Even though he never returned to Albert Sqaure after going off with Paul, they could have gone off in different directions...

We're all on tenterhooks...

What do YOU think happened?

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