EastEnders fans react to Mick and Linda Carter’s baby daddy joy on Twitter

It was revealed last night that Mick (not Dean, ha!) was the father of Linda’s baby son - and fans couldn’t contain their joy on Twitter

EastEnders fans react to Mick and Linda Carter’s baby daddy joy on Twitter

by Kayleigh Dray |
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That’s right, we finally had some good news in EastEnders when it was revealed that Linda’s childhood sweetheart, not her rapist, was the father of her newborn baby.

In heartwarming scenes, we watched as the Carter family stood united once again when Mick (Danny Dyer) revealed the blood-group results that prove once and for all that he is the little one’s proud papa.

“He’s one of us,” he said, hugging Nancy and Lee tight to him.

And, as the family enjoyed a truly happy moment for one of the first times in ages, Linda broke the news that she wanted to name the baby… Oliver.

Yup, because of the fact he’s “always hungry for more” and because… well, because Linda loves musicals.


And, as soon as he did, he opened the floodgates; we had no idea just how many people out there were waiting to hear the good news that Mick was the daddy.

But there were still a few sceptics out there…

Just… just don’t. Don’t ruin this for us. We’re still too busy celebrating that self-deluded rapist Dean Wicks has NOTHING to do with this wee bairn.

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