EastEnders: Buster and Kathy’s affair uncovered!

But who is the one that catches them?

EastEnders Buster and Kathy

by Francesca Battson |
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Buster Briggs and Kathy Beale are set to be caught out next week in EastEnders, after a suspicious someone catches on to their growing bond.

In upcoming episodes of the soap, viewers will see Buster become more frustrated with his relationship with Shirley Carter when she refuses to open up about their son Dean’s trial.

However, after being invited to a family meal by Kathy, his mood quickly changes.

And of course, their relationship doesn’t go unnoticed.

Jane Beale picks up on Kathy and Buster’s fling and warns her mother-in-law to be careful.

EastEnders Buster and Kathy

Buster then opens up to Kathy about how Dean’s trial is affecting his and Shirley’s relationship, to which she the reveals her own past and how she understands what Linda and Shirley are going through.

Although Buster has been given something to think about, will he continue to try to make things work with Shirley, or will he decide that Kathy is who he truly wants to be with?

BUT we know that Buster isn’t going to be hanging around Albert Square much longer, as he has actually filmed his final scenes!

So will his exit be a happy one? Will Buster leave Walford with Kathy? Or could Buster be in for a bitter end…

We can’t wait to watch the drama unfold!

EastEnders continues Thursday 7:30pm on BBC One.

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