Will Duncan James be forced to pull out of Hollyoaks acting debut?

His stint in the soap could be in jeopardy

duncan james

by Hannah Mellin |
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Blue's Duncan James has been dealt a pretty major blow.

The singer is currently starring in West End musical Priscilla Queen Of The Desert and recently landed a role in Channel 4's Hollyoaks - but it seems like his future in bother these ventures hang in the balance after Duncan was rushed to hospital after slipping a disc in his spine.

duncan james

He posted this pretty poorly pic from his hospital bed, with the caption:

"After a scary and painful op to remove a fragmented disc from my nerve canal I'm happily recovering in hospital feeling in such less pain and happier spirits! Thanks so much for all the well wishes and loving support at this time."

Although he is on the road to recovery, Duncan is unable to perform his remaining shows in Priscilla. A huge blow to fans of the show desperate to see him.

A statement from the Priscilla official Facebook page confirmed that Duncan would not be performing for the remainder of the tour’s residency in Bristol.

“Yesterday afternoon Duncan James was admitted to the Charing Cross Hospital suffering from a prolapsed herniated disc in his back.

"His admission to hospital was unexpected and a result of ongoing pain issues. Duncan underwent surgery and is now recovering well."

Another source told The Mirror that his upcoming role in Hollyoaks, playing new boy Ryan Knight, may just be halted too.


"And he could have to delay his start date for Hollyoaks if he doesn’t make a speedy recovery."

At least he's got his Closer Celebrity Dad Of The Year nomination to put a smile on his face. You can vote for him HERE.


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