Desi Rascals spoilers: Ross Worswick and Jasmin Walia in crisis after she goes behind his back

Last week on Desi Rascals Jasmin Walia told Ross Worswick she wanted to go to Mumbai to take an acting course – but he was concerned about how it would impact their relationship.


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In this week's episode, Ross is hurt to find out Jasmin has gone behind his back and applied for the trip.

Jasmin tells Ross: "I was talking to the girls and when I was speaking to them I was just getting really excited about it and though it is actually a wicked opportunity.

"I could lose out on something if I don't, you know, go. So I actually applied for it. I don't even know if I'm going to get in."

Ross is upset to find out Jasmin has applied for the trip
Ross is upset to find out Jasmin has applied for the trip

But Jasmin's confession instantly gets Ross' back up, and he suggests that their relationship will be 'pointless' if she goes to Mumbai.

He fumes: "You've basically told me that I need to make more effort in our relationship and do more things and make you feel less insecure and all that, but then you go and apply for something and don't even tell me about it."

But Jasmin soon realises what she's set to lose and the pair make up

Ross insists that, by flying 7,000 miles away for up to 12 months, Jasmin could essentially end things between them.

When he asks her what she really wants, Jasmin realises what's at stake and apologises.

She says: "No, I don't want to go. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have applied… it was a silly idea, but at the time it was great."

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