Danny Dyer: ‘EastEnders saved me from doing Celebrity Big Brother’

Danny Dyer has admitted he'd probably be on Celebrity Big Brother if it wasn't for EastEnders.


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The 36-year-old felt he'd become a laughing stock, after playing the same role for years, and was considering moving into reality TV.

But he credits executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins with saving his career, after reading an interview about Danny being brought up by his nan and his mum.

Speaking to The Sun, Danny said: "I was at a low ebb until this perfect marriage of EastEnders came along.

Danny with on-screen wife Kellie Bright
Danny with on-screen wife Kellie Bright

"If Dom hadn't read that interview, I'd probably be doing f***ing Big Brother now. I was playing the same role and I was bored. I was a laughing stock, really: Danny Dyer film – straight to bargain bin."

But joining the famous cast of EastEnders still wasn't an easy decision for Danny, he revealed.

He said: "I was hesitant. I didn't really want to be a soap actor, I ain't gonna lie. I wouldn't have gone anywhere near the show a couple of years ago. I was a f***ing film star."

EastEnders wanted to show a softer side of Danny

Danny said he'd been offered parts in the soap before, and turned them down because they were always the same. But things changed when he heard about Mick Carter.

"So I went in there with the attitude: 'Here we go, same old b*****ks' but then he started spouting about Mick and I thought: 'Wow, you get me on a level that nobody has ever got me before.'

"Dom said: 'You're an alpha male, I'm not going to change you, but I want you to have a sensitive side and a dark side that will slowly unravel.'

"I liked the fact that Mick had a pink dressing gown and a gay son who he embraces."

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