Dancing On Ice 2014: Dan Whiston unveils his 4 Minute Abs Challenge, talks Todd Carty’s triumphant return and reveals some very exciting news about Sam Attwater’s wedding…

Ever wondered how those Dancing On Ice celebrities tone up before slipping into those revealing costumes? Professional skater Dan Whiston reveals all in his column…


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Dan Whiston, who is dancing with Hayley Tamaddon in this year's series of Dancing On ice, is the show's ultimate champion - he's lifted the trophy three times during the series and, if things play out well, he and Hayley could do so for a second time together.

Now, in an exclusive column with Closer Online, everyone's favourite professional skater has revealed everything you wanted to know about the show, from backstage gossip to easy-to-follow toning exercises.

Even though Hayley and I weren't skating last night, it was still REALLY stressful…

It was really stressful - i didn't realise how stressful it was to watch the show. Almost as stressful as performing, because at least then you're very busy and in the moment and focused on what you're doing. Last night, to sit and watch the show, to watch your friends go out there, your heart is in your mouth. Especially because Beth Tweddle, who I danced with last year, was on first.

Beth is a great friend of mine and to watch her skate was incredibly tense - but she was amazing, as ever. I was cheering her on from the sidelines!

I was stunned that David Seaman was voted out so early on…

My nerves were frayed and the result was so unpredictable. When Dave and Frankie were out straightaway everyone watching backstage was like "WHAT?" but, obviously, it's whatever the public want. Let's just hope it was judged on the skating and not anything else. At least he got to wear those amazing trousers - there were 20,000 stones sewn onto them and they were VERY heavy. I've never seen anything like them; at least he went out with a sparkle.

David Seaman's trousers had 20,000 stones on them
David Seaman's trousers had 20,000 stones on them

Sam Attwater's ice rink wedding was amazing - but I can't wait for the real thing

I loved Sam and Vicky's faux wedding last night, especially when that tiny little girl and boy skated out. We've never had children skate on the show, so it was lovely to see an up and coming generation out there - and, even though they managed to roll themselves up in Vicky's veil in rehearsals, it was definitely worth it.

They're actually Vicky and Sam's flower-girl and pageboy, so they'll be there on their real-life big day. So, to be their on their OTHER big day - it's quite a special moment for them. And they're not the only ones; Sam and Vicky have asked me to be a witness at their wedding, so I'm also going to get to see them do it all again (minus the ice!).

I was very touched when they asked; I've known them for a long time now and I know it's going to be a lovely day.

I'm going to be a witness at Sam's wedding - I can't wait!

Todd Carty is a wildcard - but I don't think he'll be leaving anytime soon

The wildcard was Todd - I always said I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed in and he's come through. I knew that he had a good chance of staying because he's loved so much; whenever you mention Dancing On Ice, people always say "oh my god, who was that guy Todd who fell off the ice?!". And they love him.

Todd is so humble, he tries his best and there are so many dads out there that are like "ah, if I did that show I'd be like him". To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if he goes a lot further in the competition because, whether the judges like him or not, the people outside love him. And why not? He entertains me - i would have voted for him too

Todd Carty is our wildcard

Everyone is feeling the pressure

Nobody is safe in this competition. When people skate really well, viewers assume they'll be safe - but it's not the case. The standard is so good. Everyone's fighting for ice time, because suddenly now everyone is going to get a routine and just have three days to practise it. Standards are higher and the days are shorter, the weeks are shorter, so things will be less polished.

With the first two shows, it was all down to public vote and two people left each week. Now the judges comments will be mixed in with it all and just one person will be leaving each weekend - or will they? The format changes every time - it's like Big Brother in that respect, a little surprise can happen, a double eviction maybe, just to keep things fresh, keep us on our toes and make the whole show more exciting.

Ready to try the 4 Minute Abs Challenge?

If you have 4 minutes to spare each day, you can get a Dancing On Ice body!

Me and Hayley do something called the 4 Minute Ab Challenge, which I've made up, at least once a day. Mainly because we wanted to tone up; the costumes are so revealing, but, thanks to the Ab Challenge, Hayley's body is looking great and she's really happy.

What's great about the 4 Minute Ab Challenge is that it can fit into anybody's schedule - you can always find four minutes in the day to do it.

You need to do:

1 minute of side crunches

1 minute of forward crunches

**1 minute of crunches with your legs legs up **

1 minute plank to finish off

Simple! It's just 1 minute per exercise for your abs - and, just like healthy dieting, it's a case of doing things little and often. Just concentrate on one muscle type but focus on it every single day and you will see results!

Don't be scared to try it for yourself

Go down to your local ice rink and enrol in a learn to skate course. It'll probably run for 6 - 8 weeks, teach you the basics with a coach, help you meet new people, make new friends and keep fit. Don't be afraid to give it a go - pad up well and go for it, just make sure you wear wrist guards!

Dan is back on the ice with Hayley in this week's episode of Dancing On Ice 2014 - make sure to tune in and check out their routine!

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