Coronation Street fans convinced evil Pat Phelan isn’t really dead 😱

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Coronation Street viewers were left wondering if Pat Phelan is actually dead despite seeing him taken away in a body bag on Friday's episode.

Fans of the soap have taken to social media to confess they believe evil Pat Phelan may still be alive following his dramatic exit from the soap on Friday night.


Viewers of last night's show saw Anna Windass finally get her revenge on nemesis Pat Phelan as she fatally stabbed him in dramatic scenes at Michelle Connor's wedding.

Anna stabbed Phelan after he shot Nicola Rubinstein and Michelle in a very tense and bloody episode of the much-loved soaps.

But, despite viewers seeing Phelan's dead body being zipped up in a body bag, fans of the show are not convinced he's gone for good.

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Coronation Street Spoilers: Drama over at the factory, and a new dawn for Rosie

rosie caught red handed1 of 13

Rosie gets caught red handed

Olivia exchanges a bag containing icing sugar with Antoine's punter for an envelope full of cash whilst at the photoshoot. Rosie then tries to plant the cocaine in Antoine's bag, but he catches her in the act and forces her to explain what's going on. Antoine manages to convince Rosie that he's no longer a drug dealer and pins an MP3 player to her, insisting it's a wire connecting her to the police, and to give Alan the drugs.

reward for drugs bust2 of 13

A spot on This Morning

Following a successful drugs bust, and a lot of press coverage, Gemma, Craig and Rosie are asked to be interviewed on This Morning with Holly and Phil, much to Rosie's delight.

this morning3 of 13

Rosie the star

Craig and Gemma appear on This Morning. Rosie joins them late, and looks like a movie star, stealing the show. After filming, she is approached by a modeling agent.

job in Japan4 of 13

Sayounara Rosie

Rosie has been offered a job working in TV. The only problem? It's in Japan. In an emotional goodbye, Rosie heads off to start her new life in Asia (and Helen can start her maternity break).

factory5 of 13

Carla is feeling the pressure

Alya secures a huge order with McNees, but, as Carla points out, they don't have the materials for it. Carla goads Alya, prompting her to tell Carla where she can stick her job and leaves in a huff. Alone in the factory, Carla is overcome with guilt. She explained earlier to Jenny that the only way they'll be able to keep the factory is if they claim that Aidan made the will when he was not of sound mind - which Johnny would never agree to. Meanwhile, Johnny and Kate clash over Aidan's funeral as she is angry at Aidan's wasted life.

inherited factory6 of 13

Where there's a will there's a way

Carla blames herself for Aidan's death, feeling the stress of the factory was too much for him. Imran finds Aidan's will, which was left on the photocopier by Rosie, and sees that he left the factory to Alya - who he wastes no time in telling. The last time she was in the factory she said she didn't care about it, now she owns it. Funny how things work, isn't it?

payday load7 of 13

Roy to the rescue

Gail applies for a payday loan, so that she can pay her Medium, Rosemary, to get rid of Richard's curse for her. In it, she lists Roy as her employer, thinking nothing of it, but when they speak to Roy, he soon realises what's happening. He has his doubts, but Roy agrees to lend her the money - just as long as he can go with her to see the medium.

con artist8 of 13

Roy doesn't buy it

Rosemary conducts a seance where she claims she's in contact with Hayley and Alma, impressing Gail in the process. Roy on the other hand is having none of it. He goes to Audrey as he believes that Rosemary is a con artist, and wants to find out how a rational reason for her knowledge.

roy wants evidence9 of 13

But will Roy be able to expose Rosemary?

Roy and Gail attend Rosemary's event along with Cathy and Audrey, who have agreed to try and help him to prove to Gail that Rosemary is a fraud. This is going to be difficult though, as Gail is taking in every one of Rosemary's words. Fed up, Roy slips out to try and get some dirt on her.

dog training10 of 13

Sharon's puppy love

Sharon and Kirk meet for a dog training session, but when Kirk mentions Beth, Sharon can't hide her jealousy. Still, Kirk is none the wiser. After the session, Sharon gives Kirk a bag full of her ex husband's old clothes. She later gets Kirk to agree to go shopping with her.

shopping trip11 of 13

An extra present

Sharon gets Kirk an expensive shirt whilst they are out shopping - and gives him a kiss on the cheek to top it off.

expensive shirt12 of 13

A word of advice from Tyrone

Seeing Sharon's cheeky peck, Tyrone warns Kirk that she fancies him. Trying to keep himself out of trouble, Kirk lies to Beth about where the shirt came from.

blind date13 of 13

Kirk's made a dog's dinner out of it

Sharon lures Kirk to Speed Daal, telling him she has a blind date and that she needs a bodyguard. When the imaginary date doesn't turn up she's on a date with Kirk who, as usual, is oblivious to it all.That's until later, when Sharon confesses that there was no blind date and that it was all a ruse to spend time alone with him. Fed up, Kirk rushes home to tell Beth he doesn't want anything to do with Sharon (or her dog) anymore. The only thing is she tells him that he doesn't have a choice as they need the money

Taking to Twitter to voice their opinions about Phelan's death, many believe the evil builder could still make a return to Weatherfield.

One fan wrote: "Why do I feel like Pat isn’t dead.... like I have that feeling.... October 31st anyone?"

Another replied: "Ofc he's not dead!! This is Phelan we're talking about.. he's practically the terminator.

Others questions whether his 'reign of terror' was really over: "This has been an incredible week @itvcorrie with so many revelations coming to a head and one almighty showdown! Phelan’s reign of terror is finally over... I hope??!! #Corrie #PhelansRevenge."


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