SEDUCED! Adam gets the woman of his dreams in Corrie. Who’s the lucky lady?

Coronation Street

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The chemistry is sizzling as Adam and Eva get it on!

For weeks Adam has been like a love-struck puppy, (a puppy with a fine head of lustrous hair, may we add). Every time Eva has been within a thirty-food radius we can practically see his tongue lolling out!

Well folks, he’s finally about to get the girl! Following Diva Eva’s utter car crash of a wedding day and the exposure of her fake pregnancy, things between her and one-time fiancé, Aidan, have plummeted from bad to downright glacial.

Coronation Street
Adam helped with Eva's plan to ruin Aidan's business (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Meanwhile eager Adam, who teamed up with Eva to take revenge on the love-cheat factory boss, has been on hand to pick up the pieces. It’s fair to say, he’s developed one almighty crush on Eva. We’d go so far to say, it could even be love!

Coronation Street
Adam tells Eva how he feels about her (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

This week he goes round to her flat, armed with a bottle of whiskey and the intention of cheering her up. A wallowing Eva is up for the idea - anything to get Aidan out of her head - but as the pair get increasingly tipsy together, Adam takes his cue to lay his feelings bare and tell the blonde factory worker that he’s besotted with her and wants to be with her. Whoa! Steady on mate!

Coronation Street
Adam is on cloud nine when Eva responds (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

A stunned Eva is taken-aback but hardly batting him away. Instead she pulls him in for a passionate kiss. Adam can’t believe he’s scored with the woman of his dreams and the pair are soon heading off to the bedroom!

The next day, Adam is buzzing and on a high, but is Eva feeling the same way? Is it just a hangover she’s got to nurse or will she have to let Adam down gently and tell him their night between the sheets was a one off?

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