Corrie fans are beginning to worry Phelan will NEVER die


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Coronation Street fans were stunned when Phelan DIDN'T die in the concrete last night

Our hopes were DASHED in last night's episode of Corrie when Evil Pat Phelan survived the concrete waterfall against all odds.

We really felt sure that it would be the end of the villain after we knew he would fall down a column mold into liquid concrete where he was trying to bury the bodies of his victims.

Unfortunately for us, Eileen and Tim arrived in the nick of time.

GALLERY: Phelan falls down a column mold after trying to bury the bodies of Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford


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He tries to retrieve his phone

He climbs into the column mould to retrieve his phone because it is not full at that point.

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Phelan arrives at the Mill

He realises that workmen have already begun pumping the lake - where we dumped the bodies of his victims.

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He's horrified to see one of the bodies floating in the water

One of the bodies is visible, so he gets on his waders and is able to pull it out.

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The scaffolding falls onto him

As the weather gets worse, the scaffolding falls down onto Phelan and he's trapped in the concrete and can't pull himself out. He begins to lose consciousness as the concrete keeps rising - will Tim and Eileen arrive in time?

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Eileen begins to worry

Eileen calls Phelan to see where he has got to - but the vibration of the phone make it fall from the scaffolding.

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Eileen waits at the party

Eileen notices that her husband has not turned up to their party, and starts to wonder where he could have got to.

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Another body floats up

Phelan puts both of the bodies into a column mould in the foundations of the mill - he then turns on the concrete machine.

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Phelan gets stuck in the concrete

But he can't then climb out by the time he's got in there. He ends up stuck in the unset concrete while it's still pouring with the bodies he's tried to bury.

The Corrie double bill had viewers hiding behind cushions as the tense scenes saw the duo call an ambulance just at the moment it looked like he was about to snuff it.


We weren't the only ones who thought so.

But shockingly, others were RELIEVED he'd live to fight another day.

But we have it on good authority that it really won't be long before Phelan IS evicted from the Street.

Show boss Kate Oates told the Radio Times that Eileen would be involved, and as they're going on holiday together to rekindle the flames of love, we wouldn't be surprised if Eileen just loses it and accidentally kills him.


WATCH: Is this the end for Pat Phelan? The villain gets stuck in a pit of liquid concrete and it all looks very bleak...

**What do YOU think will happen to Phelan? Will you be happy to see him go? Or would you like to see him continue his reign of terror a bit longer? Let us know over on **Facebook and Twitter.


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