Coronation Street Spoilers: Sarah unwittingly makes things worse for Bethany when she calls the police

Sarah and Neil Coronation Street

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Sarah Platt unwittingly makes Bethany's plight worse when she decides to get the police involved

After finding Bethany scantily-clad and passed out from booze, Sarah Platt has been anxious about her daughter's relationship with the much older Nathan Curtis. And rightly so, as we've seen, Evil Nathan is an sexual predator who is passing Bethany around his friends. But things take an even darker twist next week when Sarah decides it's time to call the police.

A police officer calls at the Platts and Sarah tells them everything she knows about Nathan. But guess what? The officer is only equally-evil-Neil, who sexually assualted Bethany a few weeks ago. Shudder.

Bethany Neil Coronation Street
Neil sexually assaulted Bethany (credit: ITV*) ©ITV

Sarah pours her heart out to equally-evil-Neil, admitting the family are at breaking point over Bethany's much older and controlling boyfriend. Oh Sarah love, you don't know the half of it. Neil promises he'll talk to Bethany.

He keeps his words and goes crawling back to evil-Nathan's flat where he tells him and Bethany about his conversation with Sarah. Bethany is FEWMIN' and Neil takes her back to No.8 where she tells Sarah she wants nothing more to do with her. NOOOOOOO!

Bethany Neil Ian Coronation Street
Ian and Neil want Bethany to show her gratitude (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Evil Nathan then suggests they invite equally-evil-Neil and another dodgy character called Ian over, so Bethany can show them just how grateful she is.

Knowing what will be expected from her, will Bethany agree?

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