Coronation Street spoilers: Anna Windass’s life destroyed after Pat Phelan attack?


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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Pat Phelan - played by Connor McIntyre - is one of the most evil villains to ever tread the Weatherfield cobbles.

Viewers will recall that he blackmailed Anna Windass into having sex with him, in a desperate bid to save her son, Gary (Mikey North), and partner, Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies), from his clutches.

So, when he returned to the soap a few weeks ago, we knew it was going to have repercussions for Anna.

Until now, Anna has managed to bite her tongue - particularly because her new love, Kevin (Michael Le Vell) has forged a friendship with Pat.

But, when the Weatherfield villain pushes her too far in upcoming scenes, viewers will watch Anna snap - and launch an attack on her arch-nemesis.

Speaking to ITV, Debbie Rush, who plays Anna, explained: “Anna walks into the cafe and something snaps to the point where she storms back out, picks up the crowbar and smashes his van to bits.

“She finds this inner strength from somewhere and does something she’s never done before.

“He’s still acting like the wounded party so she winds up laying into him and really goes for him.

“Anna completely sees red – she’s completely pushed over the edge.”

But, tragically, her actions are going to have serious repercussions.

And it will transform her life in Weatherfield forever - not to mention completely ruin her relationship with Kevin Webster.

Debbie explains: “Kevin doesn’t know what has brought Anna to this point and he panics and thinks he doesn’t need this and this isn’t what he signed up for when he started seeing Anna, especially after everything that happened with Jenny Bradley.”

She added: “Rumours then start to spread around the Street about what she’s done and about the destruction she’s done to the van so she’s humiliated too.

“More than anything Anna does feel saddened by it all.”

Poor Anna!

We really hope that she can find the strength to reveal what Pat Phelan did to her all those months ago.

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