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Coronation Street spoilers: 5 May to 11 May

Here's everything you need to know about next week's explosive episodes in Coronation Street

We know we say this literally every week, but next week's episodes of Coronation Street are absolute doozies.

In a complete shock twist, Aidan is set to commit suicide as Shayne Ward leaves the soap - sending shockwaves through Weatherfield as everyone feels the sorrow of his death.

And David finally releases his secret, confiding in Shona. But what will she do with that information?


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Bethany realises she might want to take things further with Craig...

Bethany tells her mum Sarah that she reckons she'd like to be more than friends with Craig. When they go out to dinner to Speed Dahl, she's plucking up the courage to tell him how she's feeling.

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...But she's thwarted by a chatty waitress named Kayla

But when waitress Kayla heads over and mocks Craig, he tells her about his OCD and she apologises profusely. When she continually interrupts their dinner, Bethany becomes increasingly irritated - especially when Kayla leaves Craig her number!

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Baby Susie gets passed round for cuddles at the Rovers

Toyah is the perfectly proud mum as she watches baby Susie being passed round for cuddles at Johnny and Jenny's leaving party, but when pensive Aidan wants to take his turn, Toyah panics and takes the baby back.

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But Aidan is denied a hold

As Aidan and Toyah make eye contact, Aidan seems to be making some sort of connection and he can't take his eyes off the baby.

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Aidan turns up on Eva's doorstep

Aidan turns up at Eva's cottage unannounced, admitting he found the address for the cottage in Toyah's handbag. He apologises to Eva for how he reacted when he found out she was pregnant. Eva is wary as she doesn't know how much he knows, but when Aidan brings up Susie, Eva bursts into tears and tells him she's sorry. Eva discovers Aidan has purposely left her engagement ring and she hopes it's a sign that Aidan wants to try again.

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Aidan doesn't turn up to open the factory

Johnny assumes Aidan has slept in when he doesn't turn up to open the factory and let's himself into his flat. There, he finds a note in Aidan's handwriting - and after he's read it, breaks his way into the bathroom. He calls Carla, who alerts the emergency services. They confirm that Aidan has committed suicide.

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Johnny is bereft over the loss of his son

Johnny is distraught as he tries to think what might have caused his son to commit suicide.

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Jenny doesn't know how to help

After Kate angrily brands her brother's actions as selfish, Johnny berates her for speaking ill of Aidan. As Kate's anger dissolves, Johnny breaks down - blaming himself for not realising that something must have been seriously wrong. Jenny feels useless.

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Jenny tries to comfort Johnny

Carla gets the factory back up and running out of respect for all Aidan's hard work, but Johnny continues to berate himself, wishing he'd done more to help his son. Jenny tries her best to comfort him but Johnny snaps at her, upsetting her.

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Eva returns to the Street

Eva returns from "America" as news about Aidan is spreading through Weatherfield. She holds baby Susie, and the love in her eyes is plain to see. She tells Toyah she can see a likeness with Aidan...

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Daniel makes Sally a proposition

Daniel's feelings of guilt over Flora reach fever pitch, and he asks Sally if there's any way she and her contacts at the council can do anything to help the old woman in her crowded nursing home. Unfortunately, Sally says no.

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Adam attempts to drown his sorrows

Adam heads to the bistro and attempts to drown his sorrows over Aidan's death. He meets a woman called Niamh and makes her an offer...

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Adam's plans are dashed

...But when he gets back to his flat, he's shocked to find Flora there. Of course, Niamh doesn't hang around.

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Daniel reveals his plan

Daniel emerges and reveals that Flora will be staying with them in their flat until the council can find her a better care home to stay in - but Adam's not exactly beaming with joy over the news.

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Emma confronts David

Emma opens up to Maria about how David has been distant with her, admitting that they've only slept together once and that he freezes if she goes near him. Maria confronts David but he tells her to back off before trying to break up with Emma.

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David goes to court alone

David tells the family he's going to attend court alone and doesn't want any support from them. He emotionally hugs his children Max and Lily, fully aware of the fact that he might not be coming home. But when Maria reveals that Aidan has killed himself, David's floored, and his own suicidal thoughts become very present. On the way to court, David suddenly leaps out of Imran's car and runs off.

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Shona and David finally reunite

Shona discovers David sat alone in the urban garden and, desperate to unburden himself, David reveals to her that he was raped by Josh. Shona tries to convince him to go to the police, but David's adamant that no-one can know as he can't handle with the shame. She suggests that if he won't go to the police, David should see a counsellor.

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Shona and David discuss what to do

Gail's relieved when Shona and David return to the Platt's house hand in hand, but the police arrest David for failing to appear at court. As he's put into the police car, the fear on his face is clear. Will Shona stay silent?

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Shona confronts Josh

Shona fires at Josh, telling him she knows he's a rapist. Keeping up his facade, Josh shrugs off Shona's claims and tells her that David's lying - and they enjoyed consensual sex.

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Josh is rattled

Shona can't contain her fury, and tells Josh that she knows he's the liar and she promises that he'll go down for rape. Has Josh been rumbled? Shona takes care of David's Emma problem, telling her that she needs to book in for an STI test and she'd be best to forget about David.

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Josh makes his move on Alya

Josh is feeling threatened by Shona's claims. Keen to build a defence, Josh calls at Alya's with flowers.

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Josh and Alya kiss

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Alya is impressed by Josh's affections

Alya is over the moon with Josh's token of affection. She kisses him passionately and leads him to the bedroom.

Told ya. DOOZIES.

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