Coronation Street Spoilers: Adam Barlow kidnaps Daniel Osbourne!

Daniel Adam Coronation Street

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Adam Barlow takes drastic action in Coronation Street as he attempts to prove he didn't push Ken Barlow

Adam Barlow is out to clear his name over the attack on his granddad, Ken Barlow. Adam is convinced that Ken's son, Daniel Osbourne, was the one who pushed Ken down the stairs at No.1. Determined to make Daniel confess, Adam approaches him and bundles him into the boot of Ken's car - just as Daniel's on his way to his Oxford exam.

Daniel Adam Coronation Street
Adam wants a confession (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Adam then drives Daniel to a desterted car park, where he hauls him out of the boot and sets his phone to record. He tells Daniel it's time he confessed to the attack on Ken. But has Adam really got the right person?

Adam then starts goading Daniel into confessing, by suggesting the attack was something to do with Sinead. Has he hit a nerve, because Daniel flips out, knocks Adam to the ground and speeds off in Ken's car! Will he make it to his exam? Does he even care anymore?

Daniel Adam Coronation Street
This isn't going to end well, is it? (credit: ITV) ©ITV

When Adam gets back to the Street, he confronts Ken about his run-in with Sinead. But Ken's sick of Adam playing detective and orders him to leave.

Adam isn't backing down though and makes a call to the police, pointing that finger of suspicion very firmly in Sinead's direction...

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