BUSTED! Adam’s crimes come back to bite him in Corrie

Coronation Street

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The smooth-talking Scot is about to find himself in BIG trouble when the law catches up with him...

Who’s been a naughty boy then! For months Adam’s been plotting to bring down Underworld and steal the business from under the Connors' noses, but next week the scheming lawyer is stopped in his tracks when he’s arrested on suspicion of robbery!

Oh dear. Maybe he went a step too far by removing those roof tiles eh? Ever since the knicker-stitching hub was ransacked, the fingers of suspicion have been pointing to a vengeful Eva and cunning Adam has managed to slip under the radar. But not for much longer.

His scam, to ruin the Connors, comes back to bite him on the bottom in a big way next week when Aidan and Jonny recognise a sewing machine that’s been delivered to Weatherfield.

Coronation Street
The Connors are onto Adam (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

The eagle-eyed duo immediately recognise it as one of the ones that was nicked from their factory and decide to do some detective work. They manage to track down the source of the machine and a stray business card leads them to none other that Adam who really should have been a little more careful….come on he’s a laywer, he knows how to cover his tracks!

The fuming pair head off to confront him and later decide to involve the cops. It’s not long before Adam is feeling very hot under the collar indeed when the police show up and start quizzing him about the factory robbery.

Coronation Street
Smug Aidan is delighted to have rumbled Adam (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Will the smooth-talking Scot be able to extract himself from the crime or is he about to be charged with theft? It’s not looking good especially when another Weatherfield resident finds themselves caught up in the net! It seems a dead cert that charmer Adam is going to find himself in very big trouble indeed….Ken will be delighted! We just hope the latest Barlow drama doesn’t bring on another stroke….

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