Coronation Street SLAMMED by experts over ‘misleading’ storyline – but why?!

Corrie fans, it seems as if some people take their soap operas far too seriously...

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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We knew it would happen, but we didn’t want to believe it; Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) officially destroyed Carla Connor’s chances of happiness with Nick Tilsley.

At first, it seemed as if Nick (Ben Price) would find it in his heart to forgive Carla (Alison King); after all, he DID still say his wedding vows to her, despite Tracy’s bombshell about the affair and the blackmail.

However, despite becoming husband and wife, Nick’s brain injury came back during the speeches - and he revealed that he would never be able to trust Carla again.

He then made a flippant comment about securing an annulment, before trotting off and effectively dissolving their marriage forever.


Emotional, explosive, and amazingly acted by Alison King and Ben Price, the scenes were praised by loyal Corrie fans across the country.

However it seems as if some pernickety people have chosen to take Nick's words FAR too literally, as it has since come under fire from legal experts.

Well, one legal expert, anyway.

Lyn Ayrton, managing partner at Leeds-based Lake Legal, explained to the Daily Mirror: "The storyline could be misleading as being unfaithful is not reason enough to seek an annulment.

"There are specific conditions that apply and unlike divorce where couples have to wait at least a year, a marriage can be annulled at any time after the wedding.”

She added scornfully: “But it's very rare for couples to not even make it out of the wedding venue as seen in Corrie.”

Hmm, we think Lyn's gotten herself a little too involved with the finer details of this storyline.

But she didn't stop there, oh no!

The legal expert continued: “There are a number of reasons why in the eyes of the law a marriage might be legally void or defective, such as the couple being closely related, or one of the couple being aged under 16.

"To hotfoot it from the reception before the vol-au-vents had even been touched to find a lawyer to grant the annulment is a stretch even by soap opera standards."

Clearly she’s not as avid a fan of all the soaps as we are; we’ve seen stranger things go down in Weatherfield, Walford, Hollyoaks village, and the like over the years.

Plus we DOUBT that Nick was serious about getting an annulment right then and there; after all, he'd only just tied the knot AND had his heart broken.

We reckon he was heading home to lick his wounds, before filing for a divorce officially (and off camera).

That's what we'd do, anyway.

And it seems as if we're bang on the money, as a Coronation Street spokesperson has since dismissed the criticism.

They explained: “This was a flippant comment made by Nick to Carla when he was angry after the wedding.

“Nick will have to get a divorce from Carla at some point.”

We knew it - the writers over at ITV's Corrie are far too canny to fall into a plot hole like that!

Plus, whether divorce or annulment, the conclusion remains the same; Nick and Carla's fairytale is well and truly over. Which is DEVASTATING news, as we loved them as a couple.

And there’s also the fact that we're still not over the fact that the AMAZING Alison King won't be returning to the soap.

A Corrie spokesperson said: "We wish Alison all the best with what she goes on to in the future.

“The door will be left open for a possible return for Carla.”

What do you think of this annulment criticism - it's absolutely ridiculous, isn't it?

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