Corrie’s Jane Danson and Simon Gregson think Leanne and Steve’s shock engagement is a TERRIBLE idea


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Coronation Street actors Simon Gregson and Jane Danson have given their two pennies worth on Steve McDonald and Leanne Battersby's shock engagement

So when we heard that Steve McDonald was going to propose to Leanne Battersby this Friday on Coronation Street, we had very mixed emotions.

We felt both shock and disbelief, as well as being overwhelmingly unsurprised at his utter stupidity.

Although to be fair to him, we can see why he thought it would be a good idea - he clearly just wants baby Oliver to have a stable family unit.

Steve is set to suggest marriage to Leanne on Friday (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

But it seems that we weren't alone in our shock and disbelief, as the actual actors who play them - Jane Danson and Simon Gregson - were also caught totally unawares when they read their scripts.

Simon revealed: "It came completely out of the blue. Jane and I were wondering where it had come from, but then after doing one scene with each other and having such a laugh we could see the dynamic of where the pair of them might go, so it was a lot of fun. We started to see how there could be a future for them as a family.

"But there is no sexual chemistry between them - it worked once, obviously! But it isn’t really there which is going to make it tricky."

Jane added: "We were both a bit baffled as it came out of the blue! But then once we started working together and the storyline became clear, we both realised how much fun it could be and we could see how Steve could find himself in this situation - and manage to drag her into it with him."

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Jane went onto say whether she could see them having an actual successful relationship: "They very possibly could, when they sit down and talk about it they both feel that on paper it could work.

"But is there a spark there? Can you have a relationship without that spark?

"Yes, they had their drunken one night stand but other than that they have just been great friends going back years. You would have thought if something romantic was going to happen between them it would have done by now."

Simon gave us a bit of insight into what on EARTH was going through Steve's head: "Leanne is a very good mum and Steve has always tried to the right thing by his children, which is why he asked Tracy Barlow to marry him. Even though he was not interested in her at all, he thought he should do it for Amy.

"He is kind of thinking the same thing with Leanne, although she is a million miles away from Tracy - she is a good person, a good mum and they have known each other since they were kids and they have a laugh and he thought, 'Maybe this time it could work'."

Yep, it's really going to happen... (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

Whilst both the actors sounded positive about the storyline, they both thought it would be for the best if their on-screen alter egos did NOT marry.

Jane said: "It was definitely the drink that made her agree and she is mortified when she wakes up the next day and realises.

"I think maybe Leanne needs to learn to stand on her own two feet for a bit and not feel as though she has to rely on a man.

"She is a Battersby and they know how to look after themselves. But I would certainly advise her against marrying Steve even though she thinks she is doing it all for the right reasons, it can only end in tears surely!"

Simon agreed: "I would advise Steve to go on holiday with the lads for a bit and chill out, get out of Weatherfield for a while and stay away from people who know him."

But added: "There is a lot of scope for them in the future - it is about time Steve had some happiness, maybe this could be it!"

We shall see!

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