Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Gemma Collins exits house in emergency hospital dash

CBB’s Gemma Collins has been rushed to hospital after cutting her finger ‘through to the bone’

Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Gemma Collins exits house in emergency hospital dash

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Gemma Collins has been blasted for being too “lazy” when it comes to doing household chores during Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

So, in a bid to put things right, she decided to up her game.

“Is there anything you need me to do to help you have a better day?” she asked her fellow housemates.

And, as it turned out, there was!


Christopher Maloney had the former TOWIE star join him in making dinner for the rest of the CBB stars, asking Gemma to peel and cut potatoes.

Cue Gemma picking up a VERY sharp knife - much to Chris’s dismay.

“There’s a peeler, you know,” he told Gemma.

She replied saucily: “No, I’m a hands on type of girl…”

As it turns out, she was correct - although probably not in the way she imagined.

Because, just moments after picking up that painfully sharp knife, there was a equal - and a lot of blood.

Yup, Gemma had only gone and cut her finger - and it seems like it was a pretty nasty slice, too.

"It’s through to the bone!" she told housemates.

After seeing a medic in the Diary Room, Bobby Norris' pal was rushed to hospital to get stitches.

The timing was definitely ironic as, just hours before, Gemma had told the Diary Room that the only way she would leave the house was via the main stairs to meet CBB host, Emma Willis during an eviction night.

Talk about tempting fate, eh?

We hope Gemma’s feeling a lot better!

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