CBB’s Farrah Abraham launches homophobic attack on James Hill: ‘You act gay as f**k!’

As part of the latest Celebrity Big Brother task, the US housemates were told to upset the UK royals – but Farrah Abraham went too far.


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The 24-year-old rounded on former Apprentice star James Hill, attacking him for his close relationship with openly gay Austin Armacost.

She spat: "You want to suck his ck?" But James, 26, tried to play off her comment, joking: "She fantasises about sucking my ck."

Teen Mom star Farrah was clearly after a reaction, and continued: "Do you fantasise about sucking ck, James? You act gay as fk… you f***g gay ho."

Farrah blasted James for his friendship with Austin
Farrah blasted James for his friendship with Austin

Still managing to stay relatively calm, James hit back: "You have serious f*****g problems – you are rude!"

After branding James 'r*tarded' and still not getting a reaction from him, Farrah turned on Natasha Hamilton and Gail Porter – continuing her homophobic slur.

She asked: "Why aren't you talking Gail? Dude you guys are f*****g lesbians."

When James didn't give her a reaction, Farrah rounded on Natasha

Finally losing it, James blasted: "Why don't you shut your mouth? You are trash. You are not all there, you have a wire missing. You are a f*****g nasty little bitch."

Unsurprisingly Farrah's comments didn't go down well with the viewers, with some taking to Twitter to slam the American reality star.

One user wrote: "How is Farrah still in the house with her homophobic comments & using the r word? Absolutely disgusting, she is classless & vile [sic]."

Another blasted Channel 5 for showing Farrah's attack, writing: "To show Farrah being that homophobic is disgusting, task or no task, that was just horrible to watch [sic]."

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