CBB 2016: Megan McKenna re-enters the house to confront Scotty T over ‘showmance’ claims

megan mckenna re-enters the CBB house

by Jack White |
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**After her tantrums in the Celebrity Big Brother house, we certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Megan McKenna. **

The 23-year-old was evicted two weeks ago, but tonight she’ll re-enter the house to confront Geordie Shore star Scotty T – who was seen kissing Tiffany Pollard after Megan’s exit.

Megan and Scotty T grew close in the house, but she makes it clear she’s not going to be taken for a ride.

She tells him: “The press have been saying, while I’ve been out, that you was having a showmance with me. What’s your opinion on that? Was it all fake?”

megan mckenna re-enters the CBB house
Megan confronts Scotty T ©Channel 5

But the 28-year-old lothario is quick to insist his feelings for Megan are real. He replies: “I never expected to have that connection with you when I came in. I came in and we got closer and closer and obviously kissed and stuff, and for me that was like, ‘Oh, God’.”

Scotty T also admits he feels bad because he is friends with Megan’s ex-boyfriend Jordan Davies, before she quizzes him about US reality TV star Tiffany.

Megan asks: “Are you attracted to Tiff? I mean, I have been watching everything.”

scotty t and tiffany pollard cbb 2016
Scotty T and Tiffany Pollard ©Channel 5

But Scotty T insists it’s just a bit of fun with Tiffany, explaining: “Number one, we’ve had flirty banter but it was nothing like with me and you. I used to spend the night with you in bed.”

Luckily for him Megan thaws towards the end, and gushes: “I’ve seen what you’ve said in the Diary Room about it, it’s nice.”

Catch Celebrity Big Brother tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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