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Tashe Maile came to light recently after comments that she made in a 2015 video about having sex whilst breastfeeding resurfaced

Last week, we told you about vlogger Tasha Maile - the mum-of-three who advocates having sex whilst breastfeeding.

Just to clarify, when we say "having sex whilst breastfeeding", we mean that Tasha's baby was attached to her breast whilst she had sex with her husband.

Tasha made headlines last week after she defended her choice to have sex whilst breastfeeding in another of her video blogs.

Tashe appeared on This Morning earlier today to discuss her videos (Credit: ITV/ This Morning) ©ITV/ This Morning

In the video, she said: "We did it whilst he was sleeping on me.

"It had nothing to do with my child, my child was not in the act of what we were doing. He was not involved in it. He was there, sleeping.

"So get your panties out of a bunch! All you people judging me... Which is only judging yourself. Sex is a beautiful thing, ok? Ok."

Whilst Tasha may have been trying to quash the comments she was receiving with her newest video, it seems as though that hasn't worked - as she appeared on This Morning in a rather heated conversation with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

In a very awkward and slightly hostile interview, Tasha yet again defended her choice to breastfeed her children and have sex at the same time, if she so chose to.

WATCH: Mum-of-three Tasha Maile defends breastfeeding her son... Whilst having sex with her husband

She seemed to be trying to make a point when she said: "Being an adult about the conversation, and getting to more of the actual details, the baby was sleeping while breastfeeding so he was very attached to me.

"I think if your baby's sleeping - again, being an adult about the conversation - we all like sex, there's no secret about it, I think it's totally fine."

Holly then tried to ask whether there were any points during the day that Tashe would put the baby down and not be breastfeeding, asking, as an example, whether she would put the baby down when she goes in the shower.

Tashe staunchly replied: "The baby showers with me. I shower with the baby."

She was NOT happy about some of the questions asked (Credit: ITV/ This Morning) ©ITV/ This Morning

Holly later asked what age her children would have to be for her NOT to have sex in front of them, if it was the fact that they're a baby and didn't know what was going on that makes her feel it's ok to have sex in front of her children.

Tashe, who was breastfeeding throughout the interview, said: "Do I make love in front of my eldest child? No."

Holly then said: "I'm asking at what stage it becomes not ok - so if three months is ok, at what stage does it not become ok?"

Tashe said: "I don't think it becomes not ok, I'm sure lots of us have walked in on our parents. Just because we walked in doesn't make it not ok to be having sex.

"It's not about right or wrong, if you're having sex in front of your children and it feels good to have sex in front of your children..."

Holly and Phil looked very uncomfortable (Credit: ITV/ This Morning) ©ITV/ This Morning

At this point, Holly looked VERY uncomfortable and Phil butted in and said: "That's a hell of a quote. If you did that in this country I have a feeling that social services would be knocking on your door."

WATCH: Tasha Maile: "I'm happy to breastfeed my baby while having sex"

Phil ended the interview by conceding that she had helped a lot of new mothers through the first few weeks of motherhood in her videos, sharing advice on breastfeeding amongst other things.

Hmm. What do YOU think?

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