Big Brother’s Helen Wood: From teenage pregnancy to Wayne Rooney – everything you need to know

She confirmed for Big Brother 2015, but what do you really know about Helen Wood? Read up on everything, from her difficult childhood as a teenage mum to her alleged threesome with Wayne Rooney, here…

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Meet the Celebrity Big Brother Winner Helen Wood, who been connected to scandals that have hit headlines- see where she has come from in the gallery below...


Helen Wood: Everything You Need To Know From Teenage Pregnancy To The Rooneys

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Jennifer reportedly leaked Helen's name to the papers, exposing her career as an escort. The next week, Helen sold her story for £40,000, insisting: "Now everybody knew I'd been a prostitute so I thought I may as well cash in."

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Helen earned between £1,200 and £1,400 as a prostitute - and insists that, firstly, she never kissed her clients on the lips and, secondly, that she always practised safe sex.

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Age: 27

Born December 1986

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Things changed when Helen borrowed £500 from a loan shark for a holiday to Spain. When she was made redundant from her £260-a-week office job, she had no way of paying it back. Ringing a friend for help, they recommended she join an escort agency.

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Helen Wood was attacked in 2011 after a group in a pub recognised her and began chanting: "Rooney, Rooney!"

She confronted them when they refused to stop, a row broke out and Helen was thrown to the floor, where she was reportedly kicked in the face by two women.

The attack left her bleeding from her nose and with bruises on her face but she refused to go to hospital.

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"I had a horrible childhood and I think a lot of it was my fault. My parents didn't know how to handle a daughter who had her own opinions. I wasn't happy at home so I saw going to school as a break.

As soon as I'd come home from school I'd take off my uniform and go out. My parents were always grounding me. I don't blame my parents. I was hard to deal with and they found it upsetting and people don't like to be upset."

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Despite attending a Catholic school, Helen was a rebellious teenager. She was suspended for eight weeks after being caught smoking drugs and famously ran away from home, choosing to stay with a friend.

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Helen Wood was arrested in October 2010 after police found gun parts in a package addressed in her name.

Wood was released without charge but her boyfriend Louis Larsson, 25, was jailed for five years for firearm offences.

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Despite Helen allegedly asking her to keep her mouth shut, Jennifer Thompson sold her side of the story in September 2010. Before the story broke Helen apparently went to Rooney's agent and begged for help, for her name to be kept out of the papers.

"They promised me everything. They said, 'If you sign this we'll make sure it is.'"

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Helen entered the Big Brother house on 5th June 2014, just as Wayne Rooney heads to Brazil to play for England in the World Cup. Sources at the time claimed:

"She has deliberately gone on Big Brother to spill more dirty secrets about Wayne, which could distract him from focusing on the big game next week," claimed sources.

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Helen Wood has famously been practising a vow of celibacy - and has insisted she will be continuing her celibacy in the Big Brother house.

She said: "I’m going to carry on my celibacy in the house. I find it cringe when people crack onto me. I really am quite frigid and awkward when it comes to blokes."

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"S**t. If you've never had one, don't do one. But most men are very nervous and they don't know what to expect, so you get away with doing the bare minimum."

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Helen gave birth to her son Jack in November 2003, a month before her 17th birthday, with her mother by her side. She immediately fell in love with her little boy.

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Helen worked hard to finish her O-levels and then returned to sixth form college when her son was eight weeks old. And, while the child's father left her when her son was six months old, Helen continued to persevere, finding work as an accountant's assistant.

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Helen Wood became a mother at the tender age of 16 by electrician David Warburton, who was just a year her senior. Social services took her out of the vicar's care and placed her in a flat of her own.

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The father of her child wanted her to have an abortion, but Helen refused, revealing years later: "I don't believe in abortion. I think if you're old enough to be having sex, you're old enough to be a parent.

I was so old for my age. You wouldn't have thought I was 16. But I didn't have a choice. If something is facing you straight on, you can't moan. You just have to deal with it."

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"The first time was horrible. He was an Italian man and he didn't have much English. I didn't want him to know that it was my first time. I walked in, he pointed to the bed and I started taking off my clothes. It was all over and done with pretty quickly. I was totally blank."

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"I just think, 'Don't start giving me a hard time.' I did everything they told me to. I even asked for an injunction. I couldn't afford one."

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Helen was put into a foster home with a vicar and his wife for fourteen weeks after running away from home. However she has described her time with them as "very loving and supportive".

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Helen and pal Jenny Thompson claimed they had a threesome with the Premier footballer in a five-star Manchester hotel, rocking Wayne's marriage to childhood sweetheart Coleen - who was, at the time, five months pregnant with their first son Kai.

Wayne Rooney allegedly paid Helen and Jenny £1000 each for the encounter.

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"I don’t regret hurting her because the way I see it is, if you want to be a d**k get back with the person who cheated on you."

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