Is Big Brother a fix? Why Helen Wood’s immunity has raised more than a few eyebrows…

As Helen Wood is granted a free pass straight to the final, Big Brother 2014 fans begin slamming the show as 'a fix'


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Big Brother bosses promised fans there would be some huge twists as part of the ‘Power Trip’ theme - but it seems as if the most recent tweak to the show's format has left viewers furious.

Over the weekend, Pauline Bennett had to pick a contestant, who was then guaranteed a place in the final - which is over two months away.

Fans were shocked to see Pauline select controversial contestant Helen Wood, stating while in the diary room: "The person I'm going to pick, people are going to kill me for this... Helen.”

Via Channel 5
Via Channel 5

Helen was understandably delighted when she was told the news, while Pauline wept with joy in the diary room.

However fans are said to be switching off because they believe Wayne Rooney's alleged prostitute is being favoured by producers.

Some have even suggested that Helen, who claimed to have had a threesome with the England footballer in 2010, is being kept in the house to keep up the show’s ratings, and have taken to social networking sites to blast her.

According to the Daily Star, one Twitter user said of Helen: “The whole free pass thing seems rigged.

“They want to keep Helen in because she’s the best known. They’re worried that if she took her chances like everyone else, she would be out pronto.”

Another added: "Why has Helen got a pass to the final, she’s a nasty b**ch?”

Via Channel 5

Helen recently revealed that she has been given ’14 strikes’ by producers since entering the house, and has been called to the diary room numerous times over her behaviour and language.

She boasted: "I’ve done it again – 14 strikes! I’m in trouble, I’ve been told already. Just being a t**t – I need a filter."

Bosses have not revealed what it was Helen is meant to have said or done to warrant so many warnings.

Do you think Big Brother 2014 is fixed? And, if it is, do you think there's any point watching? Let us know your thoughts via the Comments Box below now.

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