Big Brother 2016 accused of FAKERY after live blunder: ‘What are they hiding?!’

Big Brother conspiracy theorists took to Twitter after last night’s epic live blunder…

Big Brother live blunder test screen

by Kayleigh Dray |
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It wouldn’t be Big Brother without a handful of scandals.

But this year’s series definitely seems to have had more than its fair share - and we’re only just over a week in!

During last night’s epode, viewers watched with anticipation as the show’s big live twist was revealed.

However, much to their fury, things went badly wrong.

So what was supposed to happen?

Well, the twist was supposed to see The Others choose someone from the main house to “target”.

They wound up selecting Chelsea, who has history with Jayne.

The main house then discovered that they aren’t alone in the competition by watching Chelsea in the diary room.

Chelsea was then moved to the other house, promising an explosive reunion - but technical problems meant that the majority of the encounter was cut from our screens.

And viewers were NOT happy about it.

Like we said, they weren’t happy.

However some conspiracy theorists decided that this was so much more than just a blunder.

Yup, you guessed it; they thought it was all a massive cover-up.

“What are they hiding?” one asked quizzically.

Another added: “All a bit convenient - something fishy going on here.”

“Proof it’s all fake,” raved another.

It’s not the first time this series that the show has been accused of being ‘scripted’ or ‘fixed’ by viewers.

In the show’s opening episode, Chelsea Singh seemed to confirm that housemates are told exactly what to do and say during their time on the reality show.

The 48-year-old famously told Emma Willis: "Well, they did say, 'Say anything materialistic when you ask a question.'"

It’s safe to presume that he was referring to the show’s producers - although his comment implied that they had ‘scripted’ his character for the show.

Do you think Big Brother is fixed? And, if it is, do you think there's any point watching?

Let us know your thoughts via the Comments Box below now.

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

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