Ben from EastEnders caught in RACIST RANT whilst out in central London

Ben from EastEnders

by A Jakes |
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Ben from EastEnders has been reportedly been caught being 'openly racist' after his wallet was stolen in Central London.

The Ex EastEnders star, Joshua Pascoe 21, was in the soap for two years before being dropped after allegations of sexual assault. Ben Mitchell is now being played by Harry Reid.

Joshua was filmed by stunned passersby:

"Some f****** P*** probably took it [his wallet]."

A shocked witness told The Sun: “He was furious and had to ask a bunch of complete strangers for money.

"It was a shock to hear such vile words from someone well known."

“He appeared to think that kind of racist language was nothing to be ashamed of. Many of the people who overheard were offended.”

Joshua Pascoe's reps have still yet to comment.

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