AWKWARD! First Dates hopeful forgets her date’s name


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The dating world is known for awkward moments but for most of us they're not broadcast on national television.

Thanks to Channel 4's genius show First Dates, however, we get to spy on singletons hopeful of finding love and if that includes some hilariously embarrassing exchanges then all the better for our viewing pleasure. Are we cruel?

Angelica had a bit of a memory lapse... (CREDIT: Channel 4) ©Channel 4

Tuesday night's episode had one such social faux pas and it was all down to 26-year-old Angelica who, despite only just being introduced to her dinner date, promptly forgot his name. After discussing what their parents did for a living the brunette said: ‘Can I tell you something? I’ve forgotten your name.’ CRINGE!

Thankfully Milo wasn't fazed by his date's faux pas (CREDIT: Channel 4) ©Channel 4

And she just kept digging that hole when Milo reminded her, adding: 'Oh my God. You’re a posh dog. Posh dogs are called Milo.’ Shall we blame it on first date nerves? Amazingly patient Milo didn't seem too put off and said of his date: 'She came in quite strong, she was quite fiery – but I don’t mind that.’


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