Exclusive Love Island: Harriett Blackmore reveals TikTok hack the girls use for WASHING UP

Ronnie Vint has exposed the Love Island girls

Harriett Blackmore

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Living in the Love Island villa may sound like the holiday of a lifetime, but it’s easy to forget that the Islanders don’t just sit around tanning and flirting with each other all day. They actually have to do some household chores as well, but we guess that’s a small price to pay for appearing on one of the biggest shows on the telly box.

As well as cooking their own breakfasts and making their own beds, the Islanders also have to do the washing up after they’ve eaten. We know, it’s a hard life isn’t it?

But it turns out that some of the Islanders had a sneaky way of getting out of doing the washing up, as revealed by recently dumped Love Island 2024 stars Ronnie Vint and Harriett Blackmore.

Ronnie Vint and Harriett Blackmore
Ronnie and Harriett spilled some Love Island secrets at Closer HQ ©Bauer Media

Ronnie and Harriett swung by Closer HQ after stepping off their flight from Mallorca and they spilled some serious tea.

Speaking about villa life, Harriett said, “I think when people didn’t do the washing up, we would just get ants, the kitchen was so sticky.”

Ronnie added, “The washing up was brilliant though, it was literally the same people all the time.”

Jess and Harriett in Love Island
Jess and Harriett put their legs up in the villa ©ITV

After a bit of back and forth about how much washing he and Harriett may or may not have done, the semi-professional footballer turned reality star said, “This is the face of a liar. Every time I tried to say, ‘Harriett’, she was like, ‘No, I’m busy’. I was like, ‘busy doing what?’

“Every time you ate food, didn’t you? You just put your legs up on the sun deck, said it de-bloats you.”

Harriett Blackmore
Harriett revealed how the girls got out of doing the washing up ©ITV Pictures

Explaining the girls’ hack for getting out of the washing up, Harriett replied, “Oh yeah, that was a whole thing in the villa where, all of us girls, we’d put our legs up after we finished eating and it was like a de-bloating thing. It’s like a trend on TikTok.”

Ronnie said, “And that was their way to get out of washing up, I think.”

Honestly, that’s kinda genius. Well done, girls.

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