EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Tanyel Revan exposes HUGE fight that wasn’t shown on TV

Tanyel Revan was recently dumped from the Love Island villa

Tanyel Revan

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Love Island 2023 truly lost an icon when Tanyel Revan was dumped from the villa. The hair stylist found herself booted out on day 24 when she wasn’t picked during a recoupling and there is no denying that viewers were NOT happy with the outcome.

You just know that Tanyel would have caused some serious havoc in Casa Amor.

The only good thing that has come from Tanyel leaving the villa is that we were able to catch up with the Islander and have her spill the tea on show secrets.

Chatting on Closer's Love Island Secrets, Tanyel was asked if there were any arguments in the villa that viewers weren’t shown and she revealed, “Actually me and Ellie had quite a big row.”

What? Why did ITV leave this spicy segment out? We would have LOVED to see a Tanyel Revan vs. Ellie Spence showdown. No points for guessing who won that fight.

“One day, there was a conversation with Ellie,Shaq [Mohammad] and I think Jessie [Wynter], and they were talking about Ron and saying they don’t agree with how he’s behaving.”

Tanyel Revan and Ron Hall talk in the villa

I think we can all agree badmouthing Ron Hall in the presence of Tanyel is never going to end well.

The platonic couple are ultimate BFFs and Tanyel is not one to take it lying down when somebody comes for her bestie.

She continued, “I just turned around and said to them ‘Listen, I know he goes about things wrong, but I just feel like it’s not any of your lot's business. Why are you so invested?’”

Ellie Spence receives some shocking news

Tanyel went on to discuss the other Islanders' opinions on Ron as she added, "But I understood their point... They are just looking out for Lana."

It could have been left there but a certain blonde bombshell managed to wind Tanyel up and the debate ended in confrontation and harsh words from Tanyel.

She continued, “Ellie piped up at me, so later on I went and spoke to her in the dressing room and I literally said to her ‘You are not my friend, I don’t like you,' I said all these things, I said 'don’t ever speak to me like that again.'”

Damn, we knew Tanyel could be harsh but that is low key brutal.

Ron and Tanyel reading a text in the villa

But the ex-Islander had good reason for her outburst, "I won't respond well when someone questions my loyalty to my family or friends which she basically did do."

She may not be best buds with Ellie anytime soon, but they at least didn't end on completely terrible terms as the reality TV star explained "But then we sorted it out after."


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