Love Island’s Tanya Manhenga reveals ‘STRANGE’ Islander she’ll ‘never speak to again’

Tanya was an OG Islander in the 2023 villa

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Love Island's Tanya Manhenga has spoken out about one of her fellow Islanders and revealed she'll never speak to them again.

She was an OG Islander and was involved in a lot of drama - remember when she almost got the 'ick' when Shaq Muhammad argued with Ron Hall over the dishes? Or when she had that huge argument with Martin Akinola after she reunited with Shaq?

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Well, Tanya has now revealed that she'll never speak to Martin again following their time in the villa and she even branded him 'strange'.

"Martin is not someone we're ever going to speak to. There's nothing to say to Martin," she told On Demand Entertainment.

"He's just strange. We have nothing to speak about. We didn't even see him [after the reunion show], he just disappeared."

She later added, "I saw hints of Martin's actual personality in Casa Amor but I chose to ignore them because I thought, 'I don't know him that much so I can't judge him straight away'.

"Then we went into the main villa and he was a bit strange. He was analysing everything I was doing... It was making me feel weird and then I thought 'No, this isn't for me.'"

love island martin
martin walking into casa amor ©ITV

Tanya then went on to reflect on her Casa Amor stint, "I regret it because I can see how [Martin] is now. I did feel it that he wasn't for me anyway.

"That's why quickly when I got back from Casa I was missing Shaq straight away but seeing him now - that would have never been for me."

She added, "But then I don't regret it in the sense that we wouldn't have gotten stronger the way we did after. We thought we were fine but then [Casa Amor] happened and then we got over it."

love island martin and tanya
martin and tanya together ©ITV

Tasha's confession comes after Martin's comments on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast. After leaving the villa, he claimed that he told Shaq, "...on the outside I would have f**ked your girl in ways you can’t imagine".

Martin then said that's the reason Shaq was crying after Movie Night but Shaq hit back at Martin's claims and insisted that conversation never happened.

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