Love Island’s Rosie Seabrook exposes missing Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins scene and it changes EVERYTHING

Rosie had an argument with Ron and Lana over Casey

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We know. We know. Love Island 2023 ended almost a week ago and we're still talking about the contestants but let's be honest, we'll be chatting about this lot for the next few years.

We're still obsessed with Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury's relationship, we're loving Dani Dyer's maternity jumpsuit and we're still in shock that Love Island 2022 star Jack Keating - aka Ronan Keating's son - has had a baby.

Well, now that all the 2023 Islanders are out of the villa, they're spilling the tea on their time on the show and let's just say Rosie Seabrook is out and ready to clear her name.

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rosie has spilled the tea ©ITV

Now, if you cast your mind back a few weeks ago you'll remember that Rosie had a conversation with Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall about Casey O'Gorman.

After Rosie told the couple that Casey is a "slow burner", Ron went on to tell her, "Like you say, instead of staring at you, go and pull you for a conversation, do you know what I mean?

"I think the slow-burner thing’s a bit different because in here it can be a bit of a cop-out, but I think he loves being one of the three musketeers [with Will Young and Tom Clare] a lot.”

love island will casey and tom
casey with tom (left) and will (right) ©ITV

Things then got awkward because following a disagreement, it was Rosie vs Lana and Ron in the villa. Fast forward to now and Rosie has spoken out and hinted that a major scene was cut from the edit.

"Ron was actually in the kitchen when I was speaking to Lana so he did hear the whole of the conversation and then when he sat down we had another conversation.

"I don't think there was any bad intentions but he is a sweet talker and I think he realised what he said and reworded it," she explained to On Demand Entertainment.

love island ron and lana
lana and ron together in the villa ©ITV

Rosie then added, "What I took [from the conversation] and what I said to Casey was what was said but I think what was shown was how it was reworded.

"I've had everyone like 'You owe Ron an apology' and I'm like 'We're cool'. I've spoke to him and we're fine. I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion with everyone suddenly getting involved in the villa."


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