EXCLUSIVE: Love Island stars reveal villa’s WORST meal and it’s a no from us

Ruby Dale and Diamanté Liava dish the deets on dinner time

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Whoever is in charge of the Love Island catering needs to have a word with themselves.

We always have this image in our heads that taking part in the dating show will feature lush salads and refreshing meals while you sun it up around the pool and drink iced lattes.

It turns out that is not quite the case, at least not in the Love Island 2024 villa.

Ronnie Vint and Harriett Blackmore previously revealed that they were served SHEPHERD'S PIE in THE MORNING. Excuse me? For breakfast? What happened to a piece of toast and coffee or bowl of Coco Pops and a glass of orange juice?

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Ronnie and Harriett aren't the only Islanders who were less than impressed with the random meals they were provided with as two of the Casa Amor girlies stopped by Closer HQ and revealed what questionable dish they were given.

"Food was great," Ruby Dale revealed and it all started out so well, "I'm not going to lie, we had a lot of options each day."

Her fellow bombshell, Diamanté Laiva was in agreement as she added, "I liked it."

But the praise for the food was short-lived as they soon opened up about the not so delicious dishes.

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"The worst meal we had was the roast dinner," Ruby confessed.

Which seems like a surprising comment to make as who doesn't love a roast dinner? But context is everything with this story.

"We had literally just woken up and the was the day after we had got there so we were allowed quite a long lay in and they'd made like a make-do roast dinner," Ruby went on.

"For breakfast," Diamanté threw in for added emphasis, and now we're just confused.

Why do the ITV bigwigs think hot dinners make such fabulous breakfast options?

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Lucy, Ruby and Diamanté ©itv

"It was like one of those roast dinners you've seen on Facebook like, 'Wish I wasn't part of this family.' There was no gravy, there was just potatoes."

No gravy? That is simply not a roast dinner and we cannot be alone with that belief.

"There was just potatoes and I think it was turkey...", Ruby went on, before Diamanté confirmed it was in fact beef rather than turkey and that doesn't exactly fill us with hope either.

"I don't know what the meat was but it was terrible - whatever it was."

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