EXCLUSIVE: Love Island 2023 stars who broke alcohol rules and got DRUNK in the villa

This naughty lot managed to break Love Island's strict alcohol limit rules

Love Island 2023 boys clink glasses of beer

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Love Island 2023 is over (well, the winter version) which means all the Islanders are spilling the tea on their time in the villa.

Now, if you’ve read Love Island’s rules for inside the villa then you’ll know that the Islanders are only allowed one drink - two if they’re on a date.

However, a couple of the Islanders managed to drink way more and they got well and truly smashed.

love island casey claudia drinking on date
Casey and Claudia drinking on a date ©ITV

On the latest episode of Closer’s Love Island Secrets, we discovered that Will Young, Casey O'Gorman and Tom Clare managed to get drunk in the villa.

When we asked Will and Jessie Wynter whether anyone managed to break the alcohol rules in the villa, Will was quick to admit, “Yeah we did!

"On the beach club day there were bottles of Prosecco everywhere and we split up - it was me, Tom and Casey - and we were taking the bottles of Prosecco and went to the terrace.

“We thought we were going to get told off so we were downing them as fast as possible and then Casey got pulled away to have a conversation with Rosie and then Claudia but me and Tom were at the top [on the terrace] and we could see he was getting shouted at but we were having more drinks.”

love island will casey and tom
Tom, Casey and Will managed to get drunk in the villa ©ITV

He went on to add, “We were a little bit cheeky on that day and we weren’t allowed to have the cameras on us.

“They were like, ‘They can’t be filmed today because it was so obvious.'”

Jessie added that while Claudia and Casey were having a row, Will and Tom were partying and dancing on the terrace.

“I was like, ‘Shhh, Will, it’s serious down here. They’re having serious chat.'”

love island jessie and will
Jessie and Will in the villa ©ITV

“Then we couldn’t talk the whole day either because we couldn’t be on camera because he was drunk.

“But it looked like you was having so much fun,” Jessie added.

The last time we heard about a Love Island star getting drunk in the villa was when Molly-Mae Hague revealed that Maura Higgins managed to break the drinking rules.

“One night Maura actually took my glass, downed it in the larder (a little room where they keep all the drinks), filled it up with water and then put it back.

"She had three glasses of wine and was so drunk. It was so funny."

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