Love Island fans praise Ovie Soko as he confronts Michael Griffiths

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Amber and Michael have split up

Love Island's Ovie Soko has been praised by fans after he took Michael Griffiths for a 'man to man' chat, asking him to think about how he spoke to Amber Gill.

Ovie's lesson came after Amber said she was upset with the way Michael talks to her, after he told her to "sit down".

Taking to Michael, Ovie said, "These last couple of days your emotions are obviously on edge I feel like it's normal but what do you think about your approach to it all?".

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Michael responded, "I didn't want Amber to move anywhere because her feet were in heels so I thought I'll catch her by the bean bags before she moves anywhere else and has to walk around before I speak to her so I was just like, 'Can you sit down a minute?'".

But Ovie hit back, saying, "But can you honestly say just man to man that the way you're speaking to me now was the exact same way you spoke to her yesterday?"

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He continued: "That whole situation is frustrating for you but then also you have to think about it from a standpoint of one, the exact you told her to sit down and spoke to her yesterday if that had been your mum or your sister and you were standing right there, would you have just let that conversation run? Honestly?".

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After speaking to Ovie, Michael pulled Amber for a chat in the lounge, explaining that he didn't mean for his words to come across as rude and apologised if they did. Crying, Amber told Michael how he made her feel, saying she felt he talked down to her. However, the pair did make up, agreeing to be civil in the villa.

And fans thought Ovie's brutal honesty was what was needed. One user took to Twitter, writing, 'Having guy friends like Ovie is important because wether your girls have your back or not it hits different when a man checks another man for you! He has Michael shook, talking about some damn shoes'. [sic].

Another wrote, 'Thanks to Ovie REALLY having her back, the situation was resolved'.

A third added, 'Who needs anyone to be in love on Love Island when we got OVIE to love....'.

Fans clearly LOVE Ovie!

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