X Factor’s Emma Chawner: ‘I’ve lost 12st – now I’m desperate for my sister to lose weight too’

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The Chawners were once dubbed the UK’s fattest and laziest family. Now the younger of the sisters, Emma, has transformed herself and is hoping she can get her sibling to follow in her footsteps

When Emma Chawner appeared on The X Factor in 2007, she was called a “flump“ by Simon Cowell.

She and her family – sister, Sam, 31, father Phil, 64, and mum Audrey, 67 – were labelled Britain’s “fattest and laziest” family and were even nicknamed the “Teletubbies”. At their heaviest, their combined weight was a staggering 91st. It also emerged that none of them worked due to their weight and they’d claimed over £300,000 in benefits in 18 years.

But in the last two years, Emma, who’s 5ft 3in, has undergone an astonishing transformation – going from 28st and a size 28 to 15st 3lbs and a size 18.

She explains, “Two years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. It was the trigger I needed to lose weight, and I know that I’ll keep it off this time because I have to for my health. I’ve done it slowly and in a way that I know I can stick to.”

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Katie Waissel

Not only has she ditched her tired looking bleach blonde looks, Katie Waissel has gone full on mummy mode, toning down her trademark indie rocker look in favour of relaxed leisurewear and a make-up free face.

Emma Chawner14 of 14

Emma Chawner

Emma first auditioned for X Factor in 2007 to scathing responses from Simon, before getting back up on the X Factor stage with her sister, Sam, a few years later. Now she's dropped an incredible 12 stone and exclusively told Closer magazine, "I'd love Simon to see me now – he wouldn't recognize me!"

Emma Chawner weight loss
©Liz Gregg

Emma, 29, who works as a childminder, says, “Sam and I were always big, but started really putting on weight at secondary school. We were both bullied and would eat to cheer ourselves up. As we put on weight, we’d get bullied more – people would shout ‘fattie’ at us in the street. It was horrible.

“Being on The X Factor made the abuse worse, as we were so high profile. People told us to go kill ourselves, that we were ugly and fat, and they shouted ‘Teletubbies’ at us.”

Then in 2010, both girls lost weight for TV documentary, Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Challenge. Sam went to a boot camp in America for six months and slimmed down to 19st; Emma had a personal trainer and nutritionist and went down to 16st 9lbs.

But over the following years, their weight crept back up as they relapsed into their old bad habits of living on takeaways, microwave meals and scoffing crisps and chocolate while watching TV.

The Chawner family appear on The X Factor / ITV
©The Chawner family appear on The X Factor / ITV

And when their mother, Audrey, left the family home one day without any explanation as to why, the girls both turned to food for comfort.

But now Emma is convinced she’s changed her ways for good. She explains, “It was a huge shock to hear that I was making myself ill.”

In a bid to lose weight, Emma stopped snacking on cakes, crisps and biscuits. She also gave up bread, pasta and potatoes. Instead, she ate a plate of scrambled egg or Weetabix for breakfast, then a plain salad or sushi for lunch. Dinner would typically be salmon or chicken with vegetables, and she drank a bottle of water before every meal to fill herself up.

The weight fell off her, and in just 30 months, she has lost an incredible 12st 5lbs – now she’s aiming to lose a further 3st and become a size 12. And in addition to overhauling her diet, she’s started exercising, too.

Sam Emma Chawner
©Liz Gregg

She says, “I’m going to the gym now, but I hated it at first. People stared and pointed at me and it made me feel self-conscious. Normally, that would have halted everything; I would have stopped exercising and started eating again.

"But this time around, I was determined. So I saved up and made myself a home gym. I’ve got a treadmill, a cross-trainer and a power plate. And I exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week.

“When I started on the treadmill, I could only walk for a few minutes, but now I run uphill.”

And Emma is already reaping the health benefits of her new fitness regime.

She says, “I don’t get breathless when I walk any more. I haven’t reversed the diabetes yet, but I’m hoping I will be able to.”

Emma is single at the moment, but will start looking for love once she’s at her target weight.

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She says, “I’d love Simon Cowell to see me now – he wouldn’t recognise me! I wouldn’t sing for him again, though – that’s now reserved for the shower!”

And once Emma is down to a size 12, she has plans to try her hand as a plus-size model. She says, “I would love to start modelling once I’m at my target weight, and I know I’ll get there. I love my new lifestyle. I feel that I can do anything now and I’m so proud of myself.

“My friends have all been so supportive and can’t believe how well I’ve done. Now I just have to get my family to follow my lead – especially my sister Sam.

“I don’t understand how she hasn’t got diabetes already; she gets really breathless when she walks. I’m desperate for her to do as well as I have. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Closer magazine issue 862

Waitress and nail technician Sam, who’s 5ft 9in, is now at her heaviest, weighing 30st and wearing a size 32.

Sam says, “I can’t believe how well Emma has done and she is now giving me diet tips, too. I’m really pleased for her and she’s inspired me. For the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to do the same as her, but I haven’t noticed any changes yet.”

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