Love Island: Danny and Jourdan DEFEND Michael’s behaviour

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Michael Griffiths has been a controversial Islander

When Love Island 2019 began we all fell in love with Michael Griffiths who was quick to tell Danny Williams how he had wrongly treated Yewande Biala.

It's safe to say the firefighter has changed over the last few weeks; he recoupled with Joanna Chimonides, he rudely revealed all the reasons his relationship with Amber Gills didn't workand more recently after telling his former flame to "sit down" he brutally made it clear that he's no longer interested in her.

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1. Alcohol1 of 10

1. Alcohol

It is suggested that one of Love Island's main rules is that contestants follow the strict alcohol policy.Eyal Booker from Series four of Love Island exclusively told Closer about the villa's very strict drinks policy.When asked about how much the Islanders were allowed to drink, he told us, "it was very, very limited. Max two glasses of wine a night and that's max!"

2. Eating2 of 10

2. Eating

According to 2018 Islander Alexandra Cane, one of the Love Island rules insists that contestants food intake is monitored.Viewers are always wondering when the contestants eat as we never see them sit down for meals unless they leave the villa to go on dates. Alexandra Cane revealed to Closer, "We do have to be monitored on what we eat. This is to make sure everyone in the house is eating sufficient amounts of food and no one is going to get ill."So, lunch and dinner times were never shown because we had to eat certain amounts."She added, "Sometimes we would be split up so the girls would sit on their own and the boys would sit on their own to eat food, but it was mainly for monitoring purposes".

3. Smoking3 of 10

3. Smoking

In the first few seasons of Love Island, smoking was openly seen on camera and the smoking area seemed the most popular hotspot for the best conversations and gossiping. However, the show then faced backlash as it was seen to encourage and glamourise the habit. So in 2018, the ITV2 show introduced strict rules which meant Islanders could only smoke off screen. Smokers now have to ask for a cigarette and enter the designated area one at a time, it's said.The 2018 smoking ban inside the villa grounds seems to have carried on for the fifth series.

4. Health checks4 of 10

4. Health checks

Love Island Bosses recently revealed that the 2019 cast had to pass mental health checks before entering the villa.This rule comes after the reality show received criticism for its aftercare in the wake of the deaths of former contestants Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon.Niall Aslam, from 2018, left the villa just days into the series and later shared his daily struggles with Asperger's syndrome and mental health. Each Islander now follows a continuous duty of care process which covers pre-filming, filming and aftercare.

5. Fighting5 of 10

5. Fighting

Kady McDermott recently claimed that she was punched and left with a bleeding nose during her time on Love Island.Kady came third in 2016 alongside her then boyfriend Scott Thomas, but has now admitted her feud with fellow Islander Malia Arkian extended far beyond what was shown on TV.Kady shared an apparent extra insight into the infamous fight as she shared a video of the altercation on her Twitter page.At the time viewers were told that Malia had "shoved" Kady and subsequently been removed from the house.It seems that the no-fighting policy on the ITV2 show is very strict and those who break it, are removed from the villa immediately.

6. Microphones6 of 10

6. Microphones

We are assuming that Love Island has one quite obvious rule - keep the microphone packs on at all times. The producers like to capture every conversation that takes place on the show and Dani Dyer revealed that while everything on the show is real, some things are tweaked.She told the Capital Breakfast show, "The only direction you have is just on your conversations, so that they space them out a little bit because you can't have like 10 conversations going on at once so they'll be like, 'just wait a little bit longer' or 'leave it 'til the morning'."

8. No nudity7 of 10

7. No nudity

This rumoured rule has definitely been broken in the past...It's claimed that Love Island's apparent no nudity policy means contestants are not allowed to be fully naked in front of each other or even in the shower, as the villa is a public place.

8. Masturbation8 of 10

8. Masturbation

One of Love Island's rules apparently includes a ban on solo sex acts.We are assuming that masturbating, along with full nudity, is banned for contestants so others are not made to feel uncomfortable in the villa.According to The Mirror, "Despite islanders being told to get frisky whenever they wish, this must be with a partner. No solo acts are permitted on the premises".However Elma Pazar hinted that all the boys broke this rule in the villa.

9. The Handbook9 of 10

9. The Handbook

Former Islander of series three, Simon Searles, told The Sunabout Love Island's strict booklet, that is given to each contestant on the show. He told the publication, "They give you a bit of a handbook before and it's in regards to consent, nakedness, condoms, what's right and what's not."You never really get a lot of drink but they do say if someone's had too much to drink do not have sex with them."

sherif lanre10 of 10

10. Language

Sherif was kicked out of the Love Island villa on day 9 after he play fought with Molly-Mae Hughes and described it as a "c--t punch".However the TV star admitted that it wasn't the first time he was told off for saying something controversial. He explained to The Sun: "There were so many things I was pulled aside on. The first was calling Amber 'lighty,' which I know is a poor choice of words but she did not get offended."He went on to say: "I asked them, 'Can you give me a list of the words I can use?' They said, 'No, but you cannot use that one.'"Arabella Chi also revealed she was told off for saying something deemed controversial.

love island michael joanna

Despite fans turning on the 27 year old, former Islanders Danny and Jourdan Riane have defended Michael and insisted he needed to have that conversation with Amber (even though he didn't leave with Joanna).

Speaking to Closer Online, Jourdan explained: "I didn't think it was muggy.

"I feel that his delivery wasn't the best but I feel like he was just in the headspace and he knows deep down he done the wrong thing staying."

love island amber gill

She continued: "I feel like he knew it gave Amber the wrong impression that he was staying and I feel that he just thought I'm going to kill this.

"He knows that there were whispers circulating; the girls were convincing Amber that there was something going on.

"He's adamant that there's not. I think for him [it's] to make sure nothing happens again and Amber doesn't get her hopes up again."

love island michael griffiths

The Love Island star added: "It was a bit like 'I've told you nicely more than once and people are still convincing you that there's something, now I'm going to have to say it as harsh as possible for you to get the picture."

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Danny went on to say agree, before adding: "It's cruel to be kind.

"Almost like the Curtis [Pritchard] and Amy [Hart] thing. It might seem a bit harsh and a bit brutal but if he wasn't that brutal and honest there could still be a situation going on."

In tonight's episode it looks like Michael has a change of heart after Amber goes on a date with newbie Greg O'Shea and he hints that he might still have feelings for her.

Viewers will see him tell the rest of the boys: "Now that Joanna has gone, it has given me time to think about things.

"I'm not saying I don't like Joanna, because I do. But I feel like because Joanna was there I actively avoided Amber."

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