EXCLUSIVE Love Island’s Martin Akinola reveals least trustworthy Islander – and they’re still in the show

Casa Amor bombshell Martin has let rip

Martin Love Island Winter 2023 glares at the camera

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Our hearts go out to short-lived Love Island star Martin Akinola.

He was brought back to the the main villa from Casa Amor by Tanya Manhenga, only to be almost immediately tossed aside when she insisted her relationship with Shaq Muhammad wasn’t over.

Martin and Tanya later clashed when she made a public display of affection to win back Shaq and revealed she’d secretly snogged him. But, despite his feelings for his former flame, Martin’s revealed there’s another Islander that he thinks is the least trustworthy.

Tanya chats to Martin in Casa Amor
Tanya chats to Martin in Casa Amor ©ITV

Martin was branded the least trustworthy Islander in the Knowing Me, Knowing You challenge but says he felt like he didn’t deserve that title.

Instead, he name-checked none other than Ron Hall.

“I think Ron and Tanya [are the least trustworthy],” Martin said during the latest episode of Closer’s Love Island Secrets.

He added, “I don’t know, I just don’t get a trustworthy vibe from Ron.

“And Tanya, because she lies a lot.”

Ron in Love Island villa
Ron's isn't trustorthy, according to Martin ©ITV Pictures

Oof, don’t mince your words, Martin.

Ron is happily coupled up with Lana Jenkins and remained loyal to her in Casa Amor, although some viewers accused him on “egging on” the other boys to cheat.

Despite insisting that he’d done nothing of the sort, many fans took to Twitter to call Ron out. One wrote, “I swear Ron has forgotten he is on TV because we all seen him egging the boys on.”

Another added, “Ron must be used to lying on the outside. This is the second time he's lied so confidently and effortlessly.”

Given their history, it’s no surprise that Martin also mentioned Tanya’s name and he’s admitted he’s not interested in being friends with his ex on the outside world.

When asked if he could salvage a friendship with them, Martin said, “Tanya, definitely no. But Shaq, if he wants to be, I don’t mind. I’m open.”


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