Love Island’s Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo reveals why she cried at re-coupling and it WASN’T because of Casey O’Gorman 😭

The dumped islander is ready to spill the tea

Love Islan'ds Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo

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We’re not sure anyone is ever going to get over the Love Island 2023 recoupling that came after the dramz of Casa Amor. We know we won’t.

The night was filled with absolute mayhem and the cameramen captured emotions in HD.

From Shaq Muhammad’s broken face when he saw the love of his life Tanya Manhenga waltz back into the villa with Martin Akinola, to Maya Jama’s furious expression at that particular recoupling - the firepit meet up was brimming with emotion.

One person who was caught up in the madness was Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo.

cynthia in the love island villa

The bombshell joined during Casa Amor and found herself hitting it off with Casey O’Gorman who had been in a couple with Claudia Fogarty for three days.

Those three days didn’t stop Casey from hooking up with Cynthia and making everybody, including the bombshell, believe he would recouple with her on judgement day.

Alas, it was not to be. Cue Cynthia crying and everybody in the villa being shocked at Casey’s decision, including Ron Hall who audibly gasped at his pal’s choice.

But in the most recent episode of Closer's Love Island Secrets, Cynthia revealed that although she was, obviously, upset about the way things ended with Casey that wasn’t the REAL reason for the tears.

Do tell Cynthia, what caused one to weep so?

Cynthia and Casey kissing in the villa

“You know when I was crying, I was being really dramatic. First of all, that made for very good TV, you lot know it made for very good TV.”

She got that bit right; the entire nation held their breath when Casey stood up and the tears started to pour down Cynthia’s face.

“I was really sad, but I wasn’t crying over Casey.”

Wait, what?

“There was a comment that was made before the tears happened and I’m quite harsh on myself and I just basically said ‘I’m guess I’m the girl that never gets picked.’”

That is the sound of our hearts breaking all over again.

The Casa Amor girls

But in a shocking turn of events it was in fact none other than Ron who had made Cynthia tear up.

Before you start creating 'WE HATE RON' banners let it be made clear that he was NOT being a scoundrel but instead the Essex lad had some kinds words for the baker.

“Ron was like, ‘Oh, I promise you Cynthia, someone will pick you,’ and then that’s when the waterworks started so that’s why I was crying and I was also embarrassed.”

Well, Casey and Claudia aren't 100% loved-up following Movie Night, so it's not all bad.

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