EXCLUSIVE: why Love Island producers are keeping Ayo and Jess apart

Casa Amor bombshells Ruby and Diamanté have spilled the tea

Ayo and Jess chat in the Love Island villa

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The idea of Love Island is to find The One, right? It is called 'Love' Island after all, but it turns out that sneaking off to snog your partner is a big 'no-no.'

In fact a couple from this year's series of the dating show found themselves being told off for being a little TOO touchy-feely and it's a good job they weren't taking part in Too Hot to Handle.

Recently dumped Casa Amor girlies, Ruby Dale and Diamanté Laiva stopped by Closer HQ and chatted about their time on the romance reality TV show. From lifting the lid on what Joey Essex is REALLY like to voicing their thoughts on Sean Stone, the duo spilled major tea including who were the naughtiest Islanders.

ruby and diamante
ruby and diamante stopped by closer hq ©bauer

"Jess [Spencer] was told off the most because she could not keep her eyes and hands off Ayo [Odukoya]," Diamanté revealed.

There is no denying that Jess and Ayo have some major sexual chemistry, all they seemed to do for the first few days they were together was stare into each other's eyes.

"When we could relax a little bit, not worry about being filmed and things like that," Ruby explained, "every chill time or lunch or dinner or bed time, all you'd hear is, 'Jess, Jess, Jess move, Jess get away, Ayo, no, no, separate.'"

jess and ayo
jess and ayo ©itv

"They would literally be shouted at all day because they'd sneak off to get to each other," Ruby revealed when Diamanté was explaining how the girls and guys were kept separate during dinner times. "She'd just sneak off to the kitchen."

To be fair if we were in close proximity to one of the Love Island lads, who we were sharing a summer fling with, we would also struggle to keep our hands to ourselves.

"Some people from the team would come out and keep us company, talk to us and they would literally have to stand in the middle to stop Ayo and Jess," Diamanté went on.

ayo and jess
ayo and jess ©itv

"There was literally people keeping them apart because they would not leave each other alone," Ruby added and isn't that what the show is all about? Sharing some smooches and winning 50k.

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