Exclusive! Amber Gill reponds to Anton Danyluk drama: ‘I’m unfollowing him right now’

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Love Island 2021 might be playing out on our TV screens at the moment but there's drama happening off screen with the Love Island 2019 cast.

Anton Danyluk recently spoke out about his former cast members and said he doesn't speak to any of them (except Anna Vakili) because they have "forgot where they came from".

He actually said on CASA Spin podcast, "People come off the show, get their blue tick, get their million followers and go so far up their a--es it's unbelievable.

"It's quite sad but at the same time I always appreciate the journey I had with the people in there."

love island jordan tommy anton
anton alongside jordan and tommy ©ITV

However following his honest words, Amber Gill has hit back at him in an exclusive interview with Closer Online.

"I'm going to unfollow him right now," she told us during our chat.

Anna then defended her pal and said, "I think he's just hurt by everyone. I don't know, I actually haven't read the article so I don't know the ins and outs, I don't know what he's actually said.

"Maybe he's just feels like no one has put the effort in... I don't know."

love island amber anna
amber and anna have spilled the tea ©ITV

Amber then jumped back in and admitted, "I don't think he was talking about me. I feel like he wouldn't say that about me.

"It would be stupid to say something like that about me because it's just not true."

And it seems that Anna actually agrees with what Anton said about former Islanders.

love island 2019 girls
amber and anna alongside the girls in the villa ©ITV

"There's a lot of people that do come out of the villa and just think that they're God's gift and they're too famous. I hate that. I'm the same person that I was when I went into the villa," she admitted.

Amber then admitted that she's actually been told that she's nicer than some ex cast members.

"I do think it does happen but that's quite a sweeping statement, just say some names Anton," she said.

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Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark

They were the first turbulent Love Island couple but shortly after they went official with their relationship they had a huge row because Naomi Ball was stroking Jon's hair.

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Jasmine and Jordan Ringer

Love Island bosses took things to a new level when Jordan's ex-girlfriend Jasmine arrived in the villa to shake things up. She even confronted him about ending their relationship over text but he denied it.

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Bethany Rogers and Zoe Basia Brown

Bethany didn't hold back upon her arrival and on her first night she had a row with Zoe and stirred the pot by claiming Jess Hayes was on the show "for the money".

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Scott Thomas vs Malin Andersson

It all kicked off when Malin asked Scott whether it was "p-ssing him off" that Kady McDermott was speaking to Alex Bowen and James Khan. After Scott accused Malin of stirring things, they ended up rowing across the pool from each other. Olivia Bowen was forced to step in and defend her pal.

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Malia Arkian and Kady McDermott

Malia was the first Islander to be booted from the show (Sherif was the second) after she allegedly punched Kady for spilling her drink on her. And it was Malia's FIRST night in the villa. Drama.

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Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas

Kady and Scott were put "on a break" thanks to Tina and it did not go down well with Kady. She called the bombshell a "c--t", rubbed her bum on the window when Tina returned to the villa and then had a screaming match with Scott.

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Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh

Rocky is one way to explain their relationship (remember when they rowed over the toastie?) but things reached new heights when Malin was dumped from the villa. Despite the fact that they were in an actual relationship, Terry stayed in the villa and got with bombshell Emma-Jane Woodhams. Luckily Malin got her own back when she returned, confronted her ex and asked him to give her back her sunglasses.

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Theo Campbell and Jonny Mitchell

Probably the funniest fight on Love Island, tbh. When Theo recouped with Tyla Carr, Jonny ended up calling him a "bellend" and the pair came to blows. Days later Johnny was dumped from the villa and Tyla was hysterically crying about it; that's when Theo then said his classic line "I think if Tyla really liked him she should go as well really". Obsessed.

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Olivia Attwood and everyone else

Olivia loved to kick off in the villa and we'll never forget when she walked in on the Islanders talking about her and royally kicked off at everyone but especially Montana Brown and Marcel Somerville. Classic Liv, tbh.

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Sam Gowland and Chris Hughes

A few weeks into Love Island 2017 and it seemed that Sam and Chris were going to have an actual fight. After Olivia dumped Sam and recouped with Chris, the Geordie star didn't take it lightly and branded Chris a "snake".

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Laura Anderson and Georgia Steel

When Jack Fowler came back from his date with Georgia, he was quick to tell Laura that her BFF tried to kiss him on the date. Laura confronted Georgia but it really kicked off when the Essex bombshell claimed they both kissed (we saw the footage and it was very much Georgia who tried to kiss Jack). Laura went on to tell her pal to "wind your f—king neck in" before Georgia stormed off…

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Georgia Steel and Ellie Brown

Remember when Georgia kept saying she's "loyal"? Well Ellie had enough of it (especially after it came to light that Georgia kissed BFF Laura Anderson's man Jack Fowler on a date). Ellie confronted Georgia and the pair literally screamed at each other and it resulted in Ellie calling Georgia an "ugly c—t". Rude.

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Adam Collard and Rosie Williams

One of our favourite ever Love Island moments was when Rosie finally confronted Adam after he tried to move on to Megan Barton-Hanson and then Zara McDermott. She was having none of it and put him in his place even though he was rolling his eyes and smirking. Bless her.

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Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard

Curtis honestly had us all fooled. We were left shook when Curtis' head turned for Jourdan Riane during Casa Amor. Poor Amy was none the wiser and publicly declared how "relieved" she was when she came back from the other villa. After Curtis spilled the tea about his wandering eye she responded with her classic, "I WAS COMING BACK HERE TO TELL YOU I LOVED YOU". Peak, tbh.

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Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury

Can you believe Molly-Mae and Tommy had a row in the villa? It all kicked off when Tommy tried to get to know bombshell Maura Higgins. Molly slated him for not asking her how she was feeling after Maura arrived and he pointed out that she hadn't told him she like him until new girls arrived. Awks.

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Maura Higgins and Tom Walker

Weird how we were unsure about Maura at first but quickly grew to love her and one of her turning points was her row with Tom. Remember "It'll be interesting to see if she's all mouth"? We still cringe at him. He quickly ate his words when Maura slated him in front of the girls.

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Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames

This is arguably the best ever Love Island fight of all time. Jordan tried to "crack on" with India Reynolds (even though she was with Ovie) basically hours after asking Anna to be his GIRLFRIEND Anna found out, she absolutely lost it. He denied trying to move on and she screamed "THREE DAYS" in his face, before going on to say "no wonder you've never had a girlfriend".

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Yewande Biala and Danny Williams

Ahh Yewande, bless her. Danny told her he liked her, she was skeptical, Arabella Chi arrived and his head turned straight away. Yewande confronted him and he revealed he was planning on getting to know Arabella but our favourite part was when Yewande left and told him "what goes around comes around" and to "have a nice life". Iconic.

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Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk

The women of Love Island series five were feisty AF and Belle Hassan was certainly no exception. She kicked off with her partner Anton Danyluk when the Islanders were treated to a night out at their very own club after he kissed Anna Vakili during the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge. We'll never be able to forget Ovie Soko's memeworthy reaction as Belle screamed, "You're bullsh-t!" at Anton.

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Shaughna Phillips and Sophie Piper

Shaughna made it clear she was not happy when Sophie told Nas Majeed that she wanted to stay in the villa despite the recoupling fast approaching and him taking a liking to Demi Jones. Shaughna and Sophie fell out and Rochelle Humes' sister was left in tears. Bless her.

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Siânnise Fudge and Rebecca Gormley

Siânnise (like Maura) was one of the contestants we weren't 100% keen on until a couple of weeks in and then she became our fave Islander. She liked Connagh Howard but Rebecca stole him from her and then Rebecca managed to recouple with Luke Trotman before Siânnise could. The ladies came to blows and Siânnise threw shade at told her she's "not a girls girl" before adding, "You're rude and you're not my type of person".

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Hugo Hammond and Sharon Gaffka

The latest series of Love Island had it's first major bust-up in week two when Hugo Hammond unintentionally offended Sharon Gaffka and Faye Winter with his comments about "fake" girls after they revealed they'd had Botox, boob jobs and lip fillers. The PE teacher insisted his comments weren't malicious and later broke down in tears after trying to make amends with the girls.

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Anton has previously opened up to Closer magazine about his former co-stars and said, "You come out thinking you’ve got friends for life, but you’re a different person. People change. People see it as a competition, it gets competitive, they get bitter and it becomes horrible.

"I’ve had it pretty good. But I’d hate for someone to think, ‘I’m going to go down that route because life will be easy after that.’ It isn’t. There are great perks, but many of the people who went on Love Island in my season wish they’d never done it.

"It’s not Love Island’s fault – they tell you, when you go in, don’t expect anything other than a holiday. It’s us who hype it up in our heads and believe that we’re going to come out as superstars."

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