Fitness tips: How to warm up and cool down safely

GymCube's fitness expert Kevin Wiltshire from shows us how to warm up and cool down safely

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by Fiona Day |
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If you’re planning on hitting the gym this week, then you need to know how important warming up before your workout is.

Skipping a warm out not only affects your performance, but it could also lead to injuries. Not good!

All you need is a few minutes to stretch and get your heart rate up a bit before you start working up a sweat.

Watch Kevin’s exclusive work out devised for Closer to help guide you through your warm up

Following your workout, it’s just as important to cool down properly as well.

Stretching your muscles helps you avoid injury and muscle tightness. Unless you’re a big fan of delayed onset muscle soreness then you NEED to make sure you cool down properly.

Watch Kevin’s cool down routine to help guide you through to the end of your workout

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